Monday, 26 September 2011

Something mum taught me.............

My Mum has always taught us that it doesn’t matter how old your kids are they can be 1yrs old or 40yrs old your kids come first, so why do some people put their selves or partners before their kids. I just do not get it. This pisses me off more when the kids are little and their parents just slack off I don’t care if you’re tired and need sleep if your kids want you get up out of bed n help them... Or if you’re hungry n the kids are too feed them.

Kids need to be self-efficient at some point but when a child needs their mum or dad that parent should be there for them to listen and not judge to offer advice but to understand if that advice is not taken. To never say "I told you so" only to think it......... to give hugs and a shoulder to cry on. To give them the food out of your mouth and the clothes off your back if it needs to be done, yes we can have our own lives but when needed our kids come first..........

Yes everyone is entitled to an opinion and yes maybe in some ways my girls would take advantage of me when they were younger but now they are all grown and mothers themself, two out of three are single mothers and doing wonderful jobs raising my grandchildren, two out of three are also working mothers and all three take responsibility for their actions and mistakes but all three know that both me and hubby are here for them whenever they need us. 

They all also know that we except that they will make mistakes in their lives them and screw up from time to time but we will never hold it against them. We have raised three very strong independent girls. I hope I have also instilled in them that being a mother is a job you take on for life, and that there is never an age you say to your kids your grown sink or swim............what you do say is your grown sink or swim but if you are truly drowning I will throw you a life rope and come to your rescue.......


  1. You're a good Mom, Jo-Anne. Some days, it's a difficult job at best, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

    Have a great week!


  2. I love my children, unequivocably, there is no doubt. Eventually, though, they do need to grow up and be self sufficient. I wouldn't hesitate to help them if they fell on hard times, but I would never allow them to take advantage of us.

    Sometimes I think that is the problem. Parents coddle their children for too long and then wonder why they don't thrive. We eventually want to retire [hubs and I] and will happily visit our kids and grandkids [if we are so blessed] but we have raised them and there comes a time when you have to let go.

    We will be their Mom and Dad forever, no doubt. And we will be there for them, but if we don't have a united front and take care of eachother first then we are of no use to them.

  3. coool blog and super roses :)

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  4. Amen. You have to be there for them right away--too many parents let go or want to be friends with their kids too early.

  5. Really enjoyed your post today Jo-Anne, and I agree with you wholeheartedly! Sorry I wasn't able to visit you last week.

  6. Hi Jamie

    Thank you I do love my job and I do love my girls I am just glad they have their own homes now.

    Hi SkippyMom

    I agree completely my girls are only in their 20's and are all out on their own but I have a neighbour who has their nearly 30yr old son still living at home and I think that is just to old to be still living with mum and dad he has never been on his own. I do not get that how could a grown man want to live with his parents still with no interest in moving out.......

    Hi Rapuncela

    Welcome I will check out your blog if I like I will follow.

    Hi Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Yeah I agree I also know people who cannot be bothered to get our of bed of a morning and feed their kids breakfast they expect the child to get themself up and fed even when the child is a toddler which is just wrong.

    Hi Thisisme

    I think most people would agree those who don't agree are more then likely the type of parent I am talking

  7. I do agree that you are a mother for life and I always try to be there when my son truly needs me.
    I wonder sometimes though about things that test the mother and child bond. Just to be thought provoking, is there something a child could do that would be unforgivable to his mother? If say, (this is just for the sake of discussion) a mother discovered that her son murdered someone or committed some other unspeakable crime, would it still be possible to extend that rope you speak of. Surely, this is a dilemma no mother would ever want to face.

  8. Hi Jen

    I was wondering if anyone would bring up this as I did think about it when I was writing this, I guess it would be very hard for a parent to continue to love and support their child if said child committed murder or worse it is not a possition I would ever want to be in....

  9. You are right in what you wrote Jo-Anne.
    No matter what your children do in their lives parents should be there for them, for the children/adults are their flesh and blood, that can't be changed.
    Some parents I believe are are certainly not that :)

    I read what Jeniffer wrote - hard to forgive on that one, but the child/adult is still our flesh and blood. I am sure most parents would reach out to help in that situation, I know I would but I hope that situation never happens.


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