Saturday, 24 September 2011


On Thursday morning I went to see my GP just to ask for a script for my tablets I take for my reflax anyway the point is when I was there he checked my blood pressure and it's good and then he weighed me on the scales he had in the surgery and it showed I had lost 10 kilos or for those who are use to pounds 22pounds since May and he thought that was wrong so he took me out and weighed me on the other scales and yes I had lost 10 kilos so I came home feeling good about myself, I knew I had lost weight and no I have not really been trying I just have.

So here are a couple of photos of my taken on Friday.....................


  1. That's great Jo-Anne. I bet you feel good. You sure look thinner!

  2. well done you. keep up whatever you are doing coz it's working

  3. Congratulations! 22 pounds Thats awesome!!!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Hi Barb

    Thanks for that I feel thinner too.

    Hi Yevisha

    I intend to keep doing whatever it is that I am doing even though I have no idea what that

    Hi Joanne

    Thank you I am pleased with myself

  5. Oh, Jo-Anne, that is wonderful news! And to have done so without actually trying is even better! You are looking very good. I especially like the first photograph, because you are smiling! You look lovely when you smile :)

    With summer on the way, you'll no doubt find it even easier to keep those unwanted kilos at bay. I know I do. In winter I eat all the wrong things, but when it';s so hot, I crave salads and fruit and drink a lot more water.

  6. Woo hoo! It's always great to lose weight, but so much! So how did you do it?


  7. That is so awesome. I need some of your motivation. Well done you

  8. Good for you Jo Anne! That's awesome. And that dress is pretty and looks wonderful on you. :)

  9. wonderful! so happy for you and i love the pics, i just have one "tiny" complaint i want you to SMILE! put a huge grin on your face and let the world see how beautiful and happy you are! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. Hi Desiree

    Yeah in the summer months I prefer fruit and yogurt more the anything else and I have even started to use my WII a bit more aqaing after months of not even looking at it.....

    Hi Bubbles

    Thanks I am happy and can only hope I continue to loss weight.

    Hi L'Aussie

    I really do not know how I lost the weight I just did but now I am stating to exercise again.

    Hi Mynx

    Thanks yes I am pleased with myself and hope I can continue to lose more weight.

    Hi SkippyMom

    I like the dress it is one of two new dresses I bought a couple of weeks ago.

    Hi Tim

    My daughter took the photos and the first couple she took I was talking in and looking away and these two I look so serious but she refused to take any I do not know why I do not smile more in photos I know I should but for some reason I am always so serious in photos........

  11. that's wonderful good for you and you look great

  12. It is great your losing weight. Just make sure it is not a health issue.

  13. Congratulations Jo-Anne on losing that weight. You must feel good! And you certainly looked lovely in those photoes. Like Desiree, I really liked the first one where you were smiling!! Lovely outfit by the way.

  14. Thank You

    Becca, LV, Thisisme, Teresa

    I do feel good and I will be trying even harder now to loss a bit more.


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