Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Best Conversation is With Yourself

                                                        Do you talk to yourself?
Now this may seem like a strange question but really I think most of us do talk to ourselves at some point, if you think about it if you talk to your pet in a way you are still talking to yourself as the pet can't answer back................
My niece last week mention that my eldest daughter does it a lot she will be upstairs and Kelli will her Kathy talking and yell out what did you say and of course Kathy says nothing just talking to myself............
If you talk to the television you are talking to yourself as the television doesn't answer back.
Often we will say we are thinking out loud which is still talking to ourselves...................
Do I talk to myself..............yes I do I talk to the dog and to the television and I think out loud often...............


  1. I talk to the pups when no one is around, but can't say as I talk to myself.

    Probably because I know I wouldn't answer. heehee

  2. of course i do. all the time. i live alone and dustin (fish) doesn't really converse much. i have the best conversations. you can't work in a library unless you talk to yourself. it's in the job description. lol

  3. Yep, I talk to my kitties all the time. I like conversation with them, they ALWAYS agree with me.

    Hugs. :)

  4. I absolutely talk to myself now and then but the time I think I look the craziest is when I belt out songs in my car. Anyway...I think that writing is another way of talking to yourself. We all do it...we have it...I think it is a part of staying sane-ish. :)

  5. No, I don't really talk to myself very much. Probably because I find myself so boring. Hee Hee!!

  6. me me i do it all the time long conversations in fact

  7. I talk to my dog but he reacts, so I consider it talking to him, not to myself. But I do talk to myself sometimes, only I do it in English or in Spanish and never in my native language. I'm weird:P My mum talks to herself veeery often and I always tell her how weird is that, I talk to myself when noone can hear and I pretend I don't do it, haha.

  8. You get the best answers when you're talking to yourself :-) think we all talk to ourselves at some point, I know I do.

  9. I talk to myself in public. I don't mean to. It just comes out!

    Like when I'm at the grocery store I mumble stuff like, "eggs... i need eggs...or Bella doesn't like this brand..."

    I used to concern myself about what people thought. Now when they notice my mumbling I just smile broadly and say "HELLO!"

    I think it terrifies them...

  10. I try so hard to tell the football players what they should do. They seem to never listen. Yes indeed, I talk to myself and on occasion even answered. I may have a big problem coming.

  11. Hi Skippy

    I think anyone who has a pet has talked to them it comes with having a pet.

    Hi Yevisha

    Yeah I think because Kathy has lived on her own for so long that's the reason she has gotten into the habit of just talkining aloud.

    Hi Jamie

    Yes our pets always agree with us which in my opinion is a plus

    Hi Jewels

    Oh yeah I have a habit of singing along to songs in the car and I don't care what other people think. Yeah I think if someone was to say they never ever talked to themself then maybe they have a problem......
    as you said it helps keep us sane.

    Hi Thisisme

    Noticed you said you didn't do it very often not that you never ever do it I think we all do at some one way or another......

    Hi Becca

    Yes it is common and normal it often helps us sort out our thoughts.

    Hi GotThatSwing

    When I was younger I would pretend I didn't do it but as I have aged I have realised it is normal we all do it from time to is strange you don't talk to yourself in your native tongue.....

    Hi Eva Ason

    Well said I agree

    Hi Crystal Pistol

    Yes when I am out shopping I will do the same thing and if there is something I have to get say my daughter has rang and asked me to pick something up for her I will repeat over and over what it is till I get it just so I don't forget what I was looking for, if people give me strange looks then so be it I think I'm normal....

    Hi LV

    My mum loves to yell at the footy players what to do but of course they can't hear her she is at home in her loungeroom and they are somewhere on a

  12. My husband loves to talk to himself. I find it incredibly annoying sometimes. But then there are times when I've caught myself "thinking aloud."


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