Sunday, 18 September 2011

This and dust

                             "Remember ... a layer of dust protects the wood beneath it"

This is something I think when I look around my house at the fine layer of dust that lays on some of the furniture, now don't get me wrong I do dust just not as often as some people why is that, well  I have no idea maybe I am a bit lazy when it comes to housework, often though I feel like I do not have the time to do as much housework as others may think I should..............

Now this is how my house looks most days, is it bad.........I don't think so ok to be honest I will tidy up a bit when Leo goes home no point while he is here as he will only make more mess....

Also today Kathy, Sydney, Jes & Leo came over for lunch I did a beef cassarole which is one of Jes's favourite meals and even Tim said he liked it, Jessica went back for seconds then thirds and we followed it with Vienetta for desert.

Today it feels more like summer it is very warm and in fact the last few nights I have had to have the ceiling fan on during the night because I have been so hot.........


  1. House work can wait. live life!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. I don't think we can get Viennetta in the states, but I sure wish we could. That looks delicious.

  3. Hi Joanne

    The girls have gone home and I have tidy up took me only 5 minutes it is to hot to do much more.......

    Hi SkippyMom

    It is yummy I love the vanilla one but my hubby loves the chocolate one more........

  4. Your house looks lived in :) nothing wrong with that.

    Oh I do adore that Vienetta Ice Cream even though I am not a great sweet eater.

  5. i haven't seen or had a vienetta for yonks. hmmm. i may have to get one next time i go shopping.

  6. Dear Jo-Anne,
    As others said, I think your house is properly neat. We are busy, aren't we(^^;)

    And I truly appreciate your kind words for my post today. I was heartned so much. Medication for my bro's depression triggered "dry throat" and caoused his illnesses worse. Being in tears so long won't help both of us, will it.
    Thank you SO much, my friend,

    Hugs to you, Orchid*

  7. I detest housework but I am also quite obsessive about keeping a clean house. The combination makes me crazy most days.

    I guess I don't mind dusting so much though...

    I'm curious about those Viennetta as well. They look yum. :)

  8. I know the feeling, its not that your lazy its because there are 20 people using things but only one making the effort trying to keep on top of things... you give up in the end... well I have anyway! The most I do anymore is cook and wash the dishes, those that are home all day can do the rest.

  9. A messy house looks alive and lived in not sterile and unfriendly. It has been hot lately.

  10. It's hot where you are, and yet it is quite chilly where I live! Autumn is definitely fast approaching. I guess you are just approaching your Spring. How lovely! Your house looks pretty tidy to me. Dusting is very over-rated I feel! We get Viennetta over here in England, and it's delicious!

  11. that dessert looks absolutely delicious!

    i think your house looks just fine. i feel like i don't do as much as i could around here. it's so crowded with the wheelchair and all of the "stuff" that ron has setting around the chair so he can get to it easily. some days it drives me batty and i just start clearing stuff out. doesn't take long for it to just build back up again.

  12. Your house is lived in. You are busy. I don't dust religiously either. We used to be able to get that dessert in the states but then it just disappeared. It is delicious. Glad all is well!!!!

  13. Hi Whiteangel

    Yes my house is lived in and Viennetta is yummy

    Hi Yevisha

    Yeah they are yummy I hadn't had one in ages.

    Hi Orchid

    Yeah I am busy somedays more then others. I have heard of dry mouth my dad suffered from it and had to use a special dry mouth spray to help it.

    Hi Crystal Pistol

    I usually give the house a good clean once a month which involves dusting. I do feel like I am forever sweeping out we don't own a vaccum cleaner I prefer to use a broom

    Hi Bubbles

    Yeah it is never ending and when the girls are here they will make a mess and then leave, so I do not bother to tidy until after they leave.

    Hi Diane

    Yep a mess house is a lived in house and I like my house to have the lived in feeling.

    Hi Thisisme

    Yep we are in spring now and the days are warming up, I do dust maybe once a month I am not a big duster.

    Hi Teresa

    The dessert is yummy and I do not like to do a lot of housework when the girls are here as I can't be bothered I would rather wait till after they have left. I can imagine that Ron would like to have things near him just to make it easier for him.

    Hi Barb

    Yes the house is lived in and I tend to dust some areas more then others

  14. Jo-Anne
    Thank you soo much for your sweet support! You should be proud of your loss, even it hubby doesn't notice...mine doesn't either!

    I try so hard to keep a clean house...but life is soo busy. And my hubby can mess up faster than I can clean up LOL My Motherinlaw actually told my husband that I must not like house hurt my feelings! But then I looked at her house and figure she must not like it much either. And beside I think people who like house work must be boring hehe :)
    Let's be proud of out thin layer of dust :)

  15. Hi Jessica

    Thank you I am pleased with myself and it is so annoying at times when men notice how much weight me gain and rarely how much we lose.......

    My mother in-law was not one for keeping a clean house, hers was dirty and smelly unlike mine which is just messy from being lived in.......

  16. Housework can be soul destroying, because it's a job that is never done! I think the right balance is what makes you happy. Personally, I am a bit obsessive, but that's because I really become grumpy when things are not to my liking. I know I can be a pain to others, so I find it best to keep to a daily routine. Unfortunately dust settles no matter how fastidious one might wish to be. When there are children and animals in a home, it just makes things more difficult to be overly fussy. And, there is a difference between dirty and lived in! Your home looks lived in :)

  17. Hi Desiree

    Yep it is never ending and some days I just wonder why bother but then the next day I will tidying up again sometimes you just have to chill and not let the mess get to you but it can be easier said then done.......

    My daughters didn't realise how clean my house was until they saw other peoples homes that were not so clean and tidy....


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