Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Special Girl is so happy

Monday was a great day for my daughter Jessica she received a phone call in the morning from Compass Housing which is a not for profit organisation, Compass Housing is registered as a Class 1 provider, meaning that it is a large organisation with the highest standard or performance.

What did they ring for well if you thought to offer her a house then you would be right, so my special girl is moving and this should be the last time she has to move as it is an open ended lease.

Now the place she is moving to is in Swansea which is about a 25min drive from here but she doesn't care she is just so happy to be moving and into her own place. The house is actually a 3 bedroom 2 storey townhouse, it has a small fenced in back yard that Leo will be able to play in.

She will sign the lease this afternoon and as soon as she gets the keys she will start to move her stuff in, she has already packed up her car so that as soon as she signs the lease she will call in at the house and drop off the stuff.

The branch where she has to go to sign the lease and where she had to go to pick up the keys to look at the house is in Tuggerah which is an hours drive from here, so on Monday she was gone most of the day and of course I watched Leo and I will be watchin him this afternoon. I will pick him up from day care and bring him home and watch him while his mother does all the running around she has to do.


  1. so happy for her new home! Blessings to you all, what a sweet caring mom you are! thanks for sharing the good news!

  2. I hope the move goes smoothly and that Jessica and Leo will be very happy in their new home!

  3. Thats great but I'm sure you'll miss them when they've gone even though it will mean having some spare time to yourself. I wish her tonnes of Luck!

  4. Wonderful news Jo - I can imagine how excited she is and it will be nice for you too. You can visit!

  5. That's great news for her. Having her independence is important (and I bet she appreciates what you do for her when she's there). I had no idea how much she looks like you. Wow. She could be your clone! Such good news. It's about time we have some isn't it!!

  6. I agree with Barb. Jessica is the spitting image of you!!! That is really good news that she will now have her own home with little Leo, and 25 minutes away from you isn't too bad, is it? Exciting times for her, and I hope that she will be very happy there. :)

  7. Great news! I bet she is very happy to have her new home :)

  8. That is fantastic! Just make she asks whether the house was built over an Indian graveyard. Hmm, come to think of it, you don't need to worry about any Indian graveyards. Still, you can never be too careful. Can't hurt to ask.

  9. so happy for her and little leo how amazing..hugs

  10. Best wishes to our daughter and family. Moving is not a job I like.

  11. Congrats to your Daughter! A new home how exciting!
    Blessings, Joanne

  12. That is good news Jo-Anne, and the place sounds nice as well.

  13. Hi Jilda

    Thanks for the kind words she is very excited.

    Hi Desiree

    She has started moving and I think she will be happy in the new place.

    Hi Bubbles

    Oh yeah both me and Tim said we will miss them as we are so use to having them here I have been home by myself all day and it's great.

    Hi SkippyMom

    Yeah I have told her that I am prepared to go to Swansea and help her do her food shopping, she is super excited.......

    Hi Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Thank you

    Hi Bouncin' Barb

    Not only does she look like me but she is the daughter who is most like me in the way she thinks and acts. I think when it is just her and Leo she will realise just how much I do for her when it comes to looking after Leo......

    Hi Thisisme

    No 25 minutes isn't that far and she is not bothered by the distance she is just so excited to have her own place again.

    Hi Eva Marie

    Yes she is excited and has spent the day moving stuff.......

    Hi Al Penwasser

    We may not have to worry about Indian graveyards but there could be an Aboriginal burial ground under the place........

    Hi Nia Charms

    Thanks she is very excited

    Hi Becca

    Thank you she is very excited

    Hi LV

    No I do not like moving either it is such a big job

    Hi Joanne

    I think they will be happy being on their own again.

    Hi Whiteangel

    Thanks she is very excited

  14. Awesome!
    So happy for her new home!
    We all are always here to support you.

  15. Hi Jo-Anne, I have re-joined your blog as I had to close my accounts due to "hackers". My new blog is up and running again.
    Have a nice Day!


  16. *^_^* Thanks for dropping by and saying you're happy for my girl to be in her own place.

    Eva I do not get hackers where is the fun in hacking into someone elses blog or facebook but then I am a normal person and I think hackers are not as normal.......

    Marina Thanks for that

  17. Fabulous! So happy for her! And what a great support system she has in her family.


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