Sunday, 4 September 2011

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and I went over to my parents place to see dad and have lunch, hubby wasn't there as he worked last night and has to work again tonight so he stayed home. Our daughters gave him his presents this afternoon, Kathy and Jessica went halves in something for him and Natasha gave him a new pair of track pants which I bought for her to give to him. I gave him a number of little things.

I spent Friday shopping for Father's Day presents for Tim and for my dad. I didn't just buy something from me for dad I also bought something for my sisters to give him so all in all I had to buy 5 lots of presents...............

Why do I buy presents for my sisters to give dad well if I didn't he wouldn't get anything from them as they are always “broke” and I do it for dad he would be upset and hurt if he didn't get a present from each of his children.

So what did I buy for my daddy he got a small key chain watch, drink cup with a straw for his water (as no one can drink out of his water bottle/cup but him), from Jeannie, a box of chocolates & a gift voucher from Sandra, a jacket & a sml packet of Baileys chocolates from Sue, a book and 2 scratch lottery tickets from me. I also bought nice cards for him one from each daughter which he seemed to like................although with dad it is hard to tell as he is great at faking

What I mean by that is he will act like whatever gift he gets is just what he wanted and will be all wrapped in it even if he really things that it is not something he will use or wear............I love that he is like that.............

I hope my dad truly did have a wonderful Father's Day as I think he is the best dad ever..........


  1. aww, he sounds like a good guy, and he's also lucky to have you as a daughter i think!

  2. You are the world's best daughter, too! How generous, thoughtful and unselfish you are! I am sure your Dad loved his cards, gifts and visits!

  3. Hope he had a great day. Happy Father's Day to him.

  4. you buy presents from your sisters. that is pretty generous of you Jo-Anne. hope your dad had a lovely day and your sisters appreciate you.

  5. I'm curious to know if your dad is aware that you buy everything.

    We always give one thing from all of us to our mum for mothers day just because no matter what it is she never likes it, says its a waste of money etc... this way we've all given it so don't feel so bad.

  6. you are amazing and what a great day your dad must have had.

  7. you are an amazing daughte and sister! i certainly hope your sisters appreciate all that you do (and i bet your dad suspects that you do all the purchasing).

    father's day here is in June.

  8. Jo-Anne you have a heart of gold. Do you sisters appreciate what you do for them? I sure hope so. You're one in a million!!

  9. I agree with the others Jo=Anne, you are such a good daughter and sister. I honestly don't know what they would all do without you. I'm sure that your dad was thrilled with his presents and cards.

  10. Hi id

    He is a great guy but natually I would say

    Hi Desiree

    Thank you and dad has no idea that I buy the presents mum knows but as far as I know dad is clueless............

    Hi SkippyMom

    I think he had a good day I know he loved the chocolate pudding we had for desert as he went back for second and

    Hi Yevisha

    I think my sisters appreciate me I do it more dad as I don't want to see him disapointed......

    Hi Bubbles

    Dad has no idea that it is me who buys everything, but mum knows.....

    Tim use to be pretty off handish when he recieved presents and if he got something he really didn't want/like you could tell and it would upset the girls but in the last couple of years he has changed a bit and seems to be more appreciative.......

    Hi Becca

    Thank you

    Hi Teresa

    Yeah my sisters do seem to appreciate what I do for them......
    and dad is clueless....

    Hi Barb

    Yes they appreciate me and dad seemed to have a great day he does love having the family around.....

    Hi Thisisme

    This is me I do these things because I want to and I think all I do is appreciated........

  11. Dear Anne,
    SO Sorry for my belated post. (I had guests and busy)
    Yes, I respect you for all the thoughts to your family member.
    As I don't have a sister, I wish I had one like you.
    Blessing to all of your family, Hugs xoxo, Orchid

  12. Hi Orchid

    Thats fine it's not like my posts are going to up and leave they will be here whenever you have the time to get here..............



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