Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you, but rather what’s happening inside you.  Most people depend on others to gain happiness, but the truth is, it always comes from within.

Are you happy?
How do you know you're happy?
I am happy, I am happy with my life and I feel not only happy but loved and content.

However there is these adds on telly that has people asking each other “happy” and when he sees it Tim has said how do they know they are happy, so I asked him if he was happy with his life and his reply was I don't know, I guess I am more or less. He then went on to complain about a heap of things he is not happy with, like not getting a permanent position at work or Leo getting into his stuff.

So I said yeah there are things that we are unhappy with but for myself I am happy with my life, I am happy being married to him and having a loving family around me.

I think at times people like Tim focus on the little things that make them unhappy instead of the big picture overall is your life good, do you have people around you who love and care for you, do you have a content feeling.

Happiness for me is an overall feeling, it is not centered on one thing and as such it takes more than one thing to make me feel unhappy with my life. Like my weight it isn’isn't what I want it to be but I don’t let it upset me, it is what it is and I am the only one who can change it.


  1. I love this post! I do agree that happiness truly is more of a choice than anything else. That's why I host a Happy List link party to help me focus on the positive happenings in life, not the negative.

    I like your attitude about life. I enjoy reading your blog(s) :D


    1. Thank you, I think there are many things in life to be happy for or about so why worry about the things that make us sad

  2. Excellent post! I'm glad you're happy and content with your life. As you say , I think men look at it differently. I asked my hubby once if he was happy , and he said, "what's happy". Grrrr !

    1. Yeah men...................I have had Tim say "what's happy" too which is so bloody annoying

  3. I have my down times, but I'm pretty darn happy.


  4. I am happy but could be happier. We all could. I look around at the beauty and am in awe. Men are odd..lol

  5. I agree with you. It is something inside you and it is from the big picture of life. I'm glad you are happy.

    1. There are times when I wonder if I always felt this happy and content but then I shake myself say the past isn't important and live in the moment

  6. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    'Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony'. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
    Mahatma summed it up best! It is not at all about what you have or want but being content and living pretty much your life; as stable as you can.

  7. I am happy IF I choose to be happy!!!!!!!!!!



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