Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What is your most commonly used word or phrase when you are frustrated?

What is your most commonly used word or phrase when you are frustrated? 

My most used word would be “shit” which I do say a lot when annoyed or frustrated as for a phrase I think it would be “what the hell” or maybe “bloody hell” yes I know I say the words “bloody hell” a lot here in blogland………………

I don’t use swear words very often and very rarely will I use the “F” word, I just don’t see the need or point and for the love of me I do now understand why some younger people use words like that as if it is just normal talk.

I would like to say I have never swore in front of my parents but that would be a lie as I have done but not on purpose, it was said as a slip and as soon as I said the word I would say sorry…………………

I get upset with Tim because he will swear and acts like he has nothing to feel bad about but I do not like swearing, my dad said something to Tim when he heard him swear in front of me but it didn't change Tim he still does it...........

The one word that I really really do not like to hear is that "C" word it is disgusting and when I have heard Tim say it I would get really pissed with him but he doesn't get it. My daughters also do not like the word maybe they get that from me I don't know........


  1. i used to use the f-bomb frequently but i have been TRYING to curtail that.......i say "horsefeathers" alot! as for phrases hmmmmm "son of a bacchi whore" is one and instead of your full of shit i tell people "you should be the spokesmodel for fleet enemas!" lol

  2. Hi Jo-Anne. I don't use the 'f' word, and I certainly hate that 'c' word! My mum and dad never swore, so it doesn't come into my vocabulary very often, although, like you, I do say bloody hell !! I'm pleased to say that I have never heard my daughters swear in front of me either.

  3. When I hit my finger with a hammer, or some other accident happens to me I say: "Jolly gosh ... what? That's a little spot of inconvenience I got myself into!"

  4. My favorite is shit or taking the lords name in vain (Jesus Christ). The taking the name in vain would drive my father nuts. I'm with you on the C word. My daughter still wont swear in front of me either. I'm thank-ful for that. I can swear like a sailor though when Im very angry though.

  5. My go-to is a Spanish word that I use a little out of context, but it's a release and it's very mild.

  6. I try not to swear in public but sometimes it happens. Shit and bugger are favourites.

  7. *hanging her head in shame*

    I curse. I curse a lot. Now that my kids are older, I curse around them, not AT them, just around them. I don't curse in public around other people's kids because I think it's disrespectful. I very rarely use the C word and it's reserved for "special" people. When I'm angry the F bomb gets dropped but usually, it's more along the lines of "Are you kidding me right now" that gets said over and over instead....

  8. I have a filthy mouth, but not around children or people who will be offended. I certainly will not curse with you because you were so sweet to vote for my little AR.


  9. I say shit, ass, damn, pissed off (which I don't really consider swearing but some people do)...and there has to be something else I missed. If I say the F word (a real rarity) anyone who knows me knows I am EXTREMELY upset. Very few people have ever heard it come out of my mouth and I feel badly for the few times I have said it. All the other variety of sexual connotations of swear words or cussing I don't like and don't say. I just found out a couple years ago that my son uses the F word when he's around his friends, but he doesn't around me. I'm glad he doesn't, but I wish he didn't at all, you know?

    Must be something about me. When I worked in a factory I never said one word about that kind of swearing with the guys (every other word) and some of the girls, but after a while if they were near me they'd watch their language and even apologize if they slipped. But yet I do say shit and damn, etc. ??

    It's not like I've never heard fowl, curse peppered conversation, of course. But I didn't grow up around it and some of it just seems extra hurtful and derogatory. Painful to hear, you know. So negative.

  10. Oh I don't like the "c" word either..and there aren't very many words I don't like. And yes, I am so guilty of using the 'f' word, I just like how it flows off my tongue...wait, that sounded wrong. But I am trying to stop saying that word, I'm really trying, but sometimes it's like an exclamation point with a life of its own...Great post Jo-Anne!

  11. Tim......I think most people will use the "F" word at some point often when they are really pissed off, I can deal with that I just don't get using it as part of normal everyday speak

    Diane.....My parents never swore either and they still don't so it was not something I ever did and I still don't use the "F" word very often yes sometimes I have. I think the reason so many young people swear so much is because it was normal speak in their homes while they were growing up.....

    Victor........You crack me up really could anyone be so calm when in

    Kristy......I am not a fan of taking the Lords name in vain but reading this made me remember when I had to try and explain to my girls why it was something you just don't daughters don't swear in front of me very often thankfully............

    Shelly......Yes some of us have different words or saying that we may use instead of swearing. Although I think it would be cool to be able to swear in a different language.

    Diane b......It is rare for me to swear in public I think it is a sign of weakness as a strong person has the strength to not swear in public......

    Elsie.....I hear so many people swearing at their children and that pisses me off more then the swearing if you can understand that. Children deserve to be treated with respect and if they are sworne at then they are not being treated as they should be... I have swore aroung my girls on the rare occasion when I was really mad about happens.....

    Janie.....That shows you have s level of self discipline and that is a good thing, to me people who swear their heads off in front of all have no self discipline........

    Rita.....I do not think of shit, or dman or bloody hell as swearing.
    My daughters do not swear in front of my parents as they think it is a sign of disrespect. I also didn't grow up around people who swore I don't think I have ever heard my father swear not even when he was really pissed off same goes for my mother.......

    Sandra.......Swearing isn't a bad thing if it is not done if front of young children or at young children that is just wrong

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