Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Nothing Much To Say Today But Remember Inner Beauty Is Awesome............

Guess what the mood I was in yesterday has lingered on a bit and it does feel good be feel so light and happy if only I was light but no not the case I am still a short fat woman who loves life and loves her family and I lucky that my family loves me even though I am a short fat woman.................lol

Now onto todays news...........bugga I have no news today I guess I can tell you that it is not raining anymore but I still put the washing in the dryer since I couldn't be bothered to peg it out just in case it rained again. Now I am going to have to do some ironing before Little Leo gets here for the night, his mum wanted to drop him off early but since I have ironing to do and don't really like ironing when young children are around I said not not till around 3pm.

So since I have nothing really to ramble on about today I will share this with your which I found on Facebook.....................many of the things I see on Facebook I will save for future use here on on my letters to pen pals and many things make me think of my sisters.............


  1. very true and you're inner beauty shines bright, as does your outer beauty! yep i said it and i mean it, you're a Goddess and you should'nt ever poopoo yourself! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Inner beauty is the very most important thing. It's seen most obviously in the eyes of a person. They really are the window to the soul.

    I have never line dried my clothes in my life. And it hardly ever rains here. :)

  3. Great thoughts about inner beauty.

    God bless.

  4. Inner beauty if what counts the most :) in my book.
    Ironing, on my only iron what I have to.
    Always put washing on the line if it's not going to rain or is raining :) like the freshness of the clean air on my clothes, but do put them in dryer to air off.

  5. So very true! And I love, love, love the smell of line dried clothes.

  6. Love the thoughts on Inner Beauty!
    Hope you have a good day!

  7. There is nothing better than fresh, line-dryed clothes. I wish I had a clothesline but it rains so suddenly and unexpectedly here sometimes that it would be silly to hang my clothes out.

    So true about inner beauty!!

  8. We finally have some sun today, too!
    Good advice about inner beauty. That's why everyone looks better with a smile. :)

  9. well said inner beauty is way cooler sometimes then the outer one

  10. Tim.....Thank you my dear friend I am getting much better at thinking only good things about myself....

    Crystal....I couldn't imagine drying my clothes in the clothes dryer all the time seems odd to me but then you propley thing the same about line drying clothes

    Victor.....Thank you

    Whitangel.....Yes I hate ironing and only ever do a few items when they really need it and I love the smell of freshly dryed lined dryed clothes

    Shelly......Me too they smell so good

    Madeleine.....Thank you when I saw it I thought yes I have to share that on my blog

    Jenn....I like it that hubby has the clothes dryer out the back and sometimes I will go to put clothes in it and change my mind and pegged them out instead

    Bubbles.....I am happy you liked it

    Rita.....Yes smiles that come from the eyes are the best ones......

    Becca......Yes the most beautiful people have their beauty coming from the inside out


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