Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Just Another Tuesday At Home Trying To Stay Warm

I just had a visit from my niece and Jono and of course little Daemon he is growing so much Aunty Jo gave him his bottle and when I referred to myself as Aunty Jo Jessica said “is she Aunty Jo or just Jo” I had to remind them that I am in fact his great aunt so yes I am Aunty Jo…………………… 

The last week or so it has been bloody cold here and at night I am rugged up in my winter pyjamas with 2 pairs of socks on my feet and along with a singlet and my dressing gown over my legs but hubby he has been sitting near the door in his singlet and boxers with the door open……what the hell doesn’t that man feel the cold………….lol

This afternoon when Jessica went to leave she gave Leo a hug and said she would see him in a couple of days but he didn’t want her to go, kept asking her to stay saying he wanted his mummy and why couldn’t he go home with mummy…………………..she looked at me like I was supposed to do something about it but I didn’t want to force him to stay and have a scene from him. She sneaked away while he was in the bedroom and now he is crying, sobbing really for his mummy………

Since it has been bloody cold of a morning Tim has been taking the car to work so tomorrow if he takes it I may have to get Kathy to pick Leo up and drive him to the day care for me, I will pack his lunch tonight before I go to bed as she will be picking him up early since she has to start work at 8am herself.

Jessica asked me if this week could we have Leo for two nights tonight and tomorrow night as it is her birthday tomorrow and she has some friends who would like to hang out and have a few drinks to celebrate her birthday and she will not drink if she Leo so of course I said yes why because I am a big old softie………………….yes I know who would have thought………………..lol

At the moment I am watching yet another show about dwarfs or little people I don’t know what it is about these shows that I find so very interesting but I do………………………………I also think it is great to see such shows because I think it shows that they are just people only shorter than most people even me………………………

Leo has stopped crying and is now in the bedroom watching telly again I hope there are no more tears tonight………………….he has just came out asking me to ring his mum and tell her to come back and get him……………bugga…………….gave him Milo so hope that keeps him happy………………….lol

This morning Kathy-Lee called in for a bit before she took Sydney for her swimming lesson and the whole time she was here she complained about how cold my house is and wanted to know why I didn’t have a heater on………………..well heaters cost money to run and if I can get away from having one on I will. I turn lights off whenever I leave a room and don’t have lights on at night while watching telly if I can avoid it. I pull the plug when the washing machine, dishwasher, microwave etc isn’t in use to say money.


  1. Hi Jo-Anne. I like your thrift there at the end of this post! Strange how Tim doesn't feel the cold, when you're all wrapped up like that!Poor little Leo - it's awful when they cry like that, isn't it? Yes, we all know what a big softie you are my friend. Hugs to you.

  2. Bbrrrrr......I hate being cold!
    It's in the 80's F and 90's F here in Arkansas and hopefully won't be any hotter than that this summer..... It was torture last summer in the 100's.....

  3. Your kids are so lucky to have you close to mind their children whenever they want. I hope they appreciate that. Its even cold here in Queensland at the moment. I have a tracksuit on and a dressing gown. I'm not turning on the air conditioning reverse cycle so as to save on the electricity bill, but I will be turning on the electric blankets later.

  4. Cold here too and I am trying to avoid putting on my heater too. It is just too expensive to run it all the time.
    Ridiculous the way the power bills just keep going up and up

  5. We had a heatwave last week, this week its also so cold we have the heating on, it doesn't make sense. On top of it I have the most hideous cold which it typical for a holiday!...grrr... I mentioned to hubby weeks ago that I wanted to go out shopping so he'd arranged for me to go today with him but I have the worst headache.

    I'm old fashioned as I think children should be taught to call their relations by the right title rather then their names.... it just sounds so disrespectful. My niece uses the Pakistani words for auntie, uncle etc....

  6. I do hope little Leo gets over his sadness- it's so hard to watch them cry like that. You are a sweetheart. We are having massive heat right now- wish I could send you some!

  7. It's so weird to think it's cold on the other side of the world right now!

  8. And we're having a heat wave (low 90s) way up north here in the states--so I'm trying to get colder--LOL!

    I think the little ones get more freaked out if Mom sneaks away and disappears on them. I've seen it make kids more clingy because they're afraid Mom might vanish at any moment if they don't keep their eyes on her. It's always hard to hear them cry like that. (I was a day care teacher long ago for a while.)

    It's the opposite here. My DIL, Leah, and I are always warm. My son will be chilly and we're just fine--LOL! :)

  9. Poor little Leo. You know what I knew you were a softie! Doesn't surprise me one bit! That is a nice quality to have though so no worries. :)

  10. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Oh, poor Leo feel sad wanting to see his mom. Milo worked, didn't it♪
    It is going to be rainy season soon here. And reading your blog sure reminds me of you are living in Australia p;) Please try not to catch a cold, my friend♡♡♡

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  11. it's getting hot here - summertime in full swing and it's barely June. ugh! i resisted putting on the a/c as long as i could but ron gets too hot. then, when i get home from work, i get too hot. we have ceiling fans running all the time. i turn out lights, too. i don't take the time to unplug things unless a storm is coming.

  12. Diane.....It was the first time Leo has gotten upset about his mum leaving in years.

    Madeleines....I also hate the cold not sure which I hate more cold or heat..........lol I am never happy always too cold or to hot for me....

    Diane B.......Funny we don't often think of Queensland as being cold.....lol Yes the cost of electricity makes many of us want to try and save where we can....

    Mynx.....Yes the cost of electricity is beyond a joke which is why hubby doesn't want me running a heater.....

    Bubbles.....I was always taught to refer to use the term aunt or uncle and not call them just by their given name, however I have never called my uncle Frank uncle he was always just Frank I think because he is only like 7 years older then me.........As for the weather it has been a while since we had heatwave

    Shelly....Yes Leo was fine after a bit it was the first time he has gotten upset about his mum leaving in years

    GreenGirl....I find it hard to imagine living were it snows...lol

    Rita.....Yes I never liked leaving my girls without saying goodbye and my girls are the same they prefer to say goodbye and not just leave but sometimes sneaking away feels like the right thing to do..

    Melynda......Thank you I am who I am and not going to change......
    Little Leo was fine after a short while....

    Becca.....Me too worse when hubby doesn't want the heater on

    Miyako.....Thankfully I have not had much of a cold for a long time I have days when I don't feel 100% but it only lasts a day if that...

    Teresa.....There was a time I never would have thought about pulling the plug now I do it without thinking.......lol


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