Sunday, 10 June 2012

Leo Is Not Tim's Son.......................He Is Our Grandson................

When Tim and I were having our children neither of us really wanted boys, we both preferred girls and we got three daughters. I can remember when people would say to him don’t you want to try for a son and he was like no I am happy with my girls I don’t need a son.

So no he will often refer to Leo as the son he never had and it pisses me off but not as much as it pisses Jessica off she gets really really pissed off with him when he says it…… I will say if you wanted a son why did we stop at three children and he has no answer and just gives me this look………….it’s his puppy dog eye look which depending on the mood I am in can either make me more pissed off or can lighten my mood………….lol

When Leo was a baby he was very much a papa’s boy he would always prefer Tim over me but as he has gotten older that has changed and he is now often more a nanna’s boy. He still has times when he would rather be with papa; often at night when he is sleeping with us he will prefer to sleep on papa’s side of the bed.


  1. Leo is a cutie! I wanted a girl at first but now I'm happy we had a boy. Although, I wouldn't mind trying for a girl before it's too late for me to have more.

  2. i think all men want a son, that doesnt take away from the love tim has for his daughters but boys are a bit of immortality your name lives on in them and there are just some things you'll never do with a daughter.

  3. I think Tim comments without really thinking about it. I'm sure he's very happy with you and your daughters. "He's the son I never had" is just a saying a lot of people use.


  4. It goes both ways I guess. My In-laws had three sons and when I gave birth to their first Granddaughter...Grandpa was thrilled saying " I always wanted a girl!"
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. Jenn......Even though I wanted girls if I had boys I would have been just as happy.......

    Tim......Yes the Meadows line will live on through Leo......

    Janie.....I know he doesn't mean to upset us with his comments and yes I think he speaks without thinking

    Joanne......My parents use to get the don't you want a boy when they had 4 daughters but then mum had her miracle baby my little brother David who isn't so little anymore.

  6. Interesting about your husband and your grandson.
    Having had 2 sons neither of us have said we would like a daughter. We now have daughter in laws, but not the same as having a daughter, I presume. 3 of our grandchildren are female and only 1 male, so far :)

  7. There is something special about Grandfathers and their Grandsons. I am happy Bill loves his Grandsons because we only had girls.

  8. Whiteangel......Yes there is a special bond between Leo and Tim and it is nice to see.

    Diane b......Yes there is although Tim doesn't have the same bond with Blain as he does Leo



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