Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cats And A Puppy

It is still raining here and today is colder than yesterday which is annoying but on a plus side yesterday my daughter Natasha dropped in my Mother’s Day present she got me a throw rug for my legs which is great and it will get used every night……………..and most days…………………….

Next up is last night after going to bed Little Leo decides he wanted his “kitty” on the bed with us I said to him we don’t have a kitty but he gets off the bed and goes into the spare room and comes back with one big cat then he goes back and gets the other cat then he decides he needs his puppy and I tell him that DC can’t come in and he says not DC my other puppy and he goes and gets his stuffed dog and arranges them at the end of the bed just like this…………………

Now these cats were bought for his aunts Tasha & Kathy when they were little over the years Tim has wanted me to get rid of them but I have always said NO the grandkids like them and they do they love the cats. I have left them at the foot of the bed to make a point to him when he gets home about how much Leo loves the cats.

The puppy well that was given to him by friends of Jessica’s when he was younger and it stays here and yes Tim has often wanted me to get rid of that as well but Leo loves the thing me well I don’t care if he gets rid of it but I know it will upset Leo………………..


  1. Oh I agree. Keep those older toys. They will be missed, if you don't. :-)

  2. That's funny! My daughter still sleeps with two of her stuffed animals. Although they are much, much smaller =)

  3. That really is pretty cute, although I imagine it doesn't leave much room in the bed!

  4. i have an award for you on my blog

  5. How sweet! there's nothing better than a well-loved toy! :)

  6. Auntie.......Yes they will be missed if I didn't have them

    Elsie.......Yes these ones took a lot of room up on the bed

    Shelly.....No it didn't leave much room on the bed but it made him happy

    Becca.....Thank you

    Rita....True there isn't and my grandkids love those cats



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