Saturday, 2 June 2012

Friday's Thoughts A Day Late................

Fridays thoughts posted on a Saturday because yesterday was so bloody busy and I didn’t get around to doing any blogging so here I am posting Friday’s thoughts on a Saturday in the order they came to me. First up is the fact that I would love to be able to transfer what I record on my digital recorder on to my blog so you could all hear me rambling on…………..wouldn’t that be funny fun………… but I can’t figure out how to do it even if there is a way to do it so I will just have to write my thoughts down ok moving on……………….

During the winter months do you like to have the heater on to warm the room up before you get dressed I know I do because if I don’t I have a tendency to over dress, meaning wearing more clothes or warmer clothes then I need to. As when you get to the shopping centre they have the heat turned up so the staff are warm no one wants their staff to be all rugged up during the colder months……….

On Thursday morning mum was telling me that Dawson didn’t want to go to school and nothing his mum or his nan said could change his mind so in the end his mum said what the hell stay home, so she rings the school to tell them he wouldn’t be there only to find out there was no school that day. There was a 2 day sport carnival on but since Dawson only goes to the school 2 days a week he didn’t realise the sport carnival was on not that he would have gone anyway as he is a Jenkins and us Jenkins’s don’t do sport carnivals…………………………

On Friday mornings I am at Charlestown Square (shopping centre) for a bit over 3 hours and I usually park on the main level which is 90 minute parking anyway on Friday my sister Sandra rang and said that there was security going around checking the cars in the 90 minute parking area including mine. So then I thought should I move the car or should I leave and do my shopping somewhere else I then remembered that I had to go out to Glendale shopping centre to pay something off Jessica’s layby so I left the Square and did that and then did my grocery shopping at Coles in Warners Bay for a change. So next week I will not be parking in the 90 minute area I will go up a level and park there…………….now what really strikes me as funny is that when I got to the Square on Friday I thought as I was parking should I be parking here, this was the first time I have ever had such a thought…………………

When I get home on Friday’s the first thing I do is take my shoes off, then I unpack my shopping but last Friday I vacuumed out first then I unpacked the shopping. Now lately I have been wearing my boots when I have gone out but I think I will have to start wearing my joggers instead as they are more comfortable and if I am wearing long pants it is ok………….

Did you ever have a relative maybe a grandparent who would go out in public wearing their slippers instead of shoes? I remember when I was about 14 or 15 my pop (dad’s father) walking down to the paper shop to buy a newspaper and I was horrified I count understand why he would do such a thing and thought how hard is it to put on a proper pair of shoes…………………….now sometimes during the winter months if I have to pop down to the shops I will think do I really want to put shoes on but I do I have not reached the point where I will go out in my slippers but I can now understand why my pop liked to wear his slippers all the time………………………….

One last thing while out shopping yesterday I spent some time with my sister Sue she was so upset and crying about the fact that she doesn’t see her 3mth old grandson Daemon in fact she said she said she only has seen him 3 times…………..I also saw a “dog tag” necklace with the words “family outcast” on it and Sue thought it suited her to a tee…………………it annoys me that she thinks of herself like that.

Ok that’s it for this week’s Friday thoughts……………………………….yeah I know nothing exciting in this post but hell this is my life and it is what it is…………………….lol


  1. Oh, your ramblings do always bring a smile to my face, Jo-Anne! I don't do sports either!! I would certainly like to 'hear' you rambling on - perhaps some other bloggers might know how you can transfer that over onto your blog. It is sad that Sue hasn't seen her little grandson very much, and I can understand why that would make her feel upset. Makes me realize just how fortunate I am in seeing so much of my little ones. Have a great weekend my friend and.... keep rambling!!

  2. LOL my dad at one time would not have been caught anything his houseshoes or joggers.< he did not wear joggers back then > but now is his househoes and joggers 24-7 ...LOL

  3. My dad would never be caught out in slippers but he would wear white socks to his knees in his shorts; that he was okay with - embarrassing. My FIL, who I consider my dad as well, would lounge around in sweat pants and slippers but always wore jeans and dress shoes when out. LOL

  4. I don't think anyone in my family has ever wandered out with slippers on that I know of, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did. What us kids did was run around barefoot all summer...and we lived in the suburbs. We used to have a burn barrel at the far end of the back yard (back when they still allowed such things in the city) and I remember running barefoot in shorts and no coat down the snow path to toss in a paper bag of burnables in the winter. ;)

  5. Yeah it worked! Thank you for sending me your link. I'm pretty sure I need that necklace. Just kidding. My family is rather fond of me! So glad I'll be able to find you now.

  6. Diane......Yes I am also lucky to as I see my grandchildren a lot sometimes not as much as I would like to but I do see them more then some people see thier grandkids.....

    Buttercup.....Thank you

    Rhonda.....Yeah I my dad wears joggers a lot now he never use to but he does find them more comfortable now days as he has a lot of problems with his feet since he had Chemo

    Elsie.....My FIL also would wear long socks with shorts and I hated it talk about embarressing.

    Rita....As a child I would go around all day in just a pair of thongs I could never go barefoot I did not like the feel of the ground on my I remember as a child also having a burn barrel in our back yard and helping my dad burn stuff in it....

    Melynda......Good to see you back here, Sue's biggest enemy is

  7. Your posts are always so interesting. I love to have the heater on in winter, my husband not so much. And so many people wear their pajamas to the store now I don't even notice the slippers. I'll never get used to the pajamas in public~



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