Monday, 4 June 2012

How Often Do You Do Something That Isn't Intentional????????????????????????

INTENTIONAL: Done with intention or on purpose

Do you get annoyed when you hear people say things like they never ever do something like speeding, or shoplifting it does me as sometimes I think it would be better if people said that they have never intentional done something. 

Because sometimes you may do one of these things unintentionally such as speeding I know I don’t intentionally speed but I have unintentionally speed at times like when you are driving along and go from say a 60km/h speed zone to a 50km/h speed zone and don’t realise at first that you have gone into the low speed zone so you continue at the higher speed so you have been speeding be it  unintentionally but still you have been speeding……………..or if you drive through an area where there is road work going on here in Australia you have to slow to 40 km/h but most people don’t do so if they don’t have to but it is still the law and you can still get booked for not doing so, thus if you don’t slow down you are technical speeding be it maybe unintentionally again………………..

Think about shoplifting you may wonder how you can unintentionally shoplift easy you go through the checkout and you have a large heavy item with you so instead of getting it out of your trolley you just tell the checkout operator you have it  they say ok and you think no more about it but when you pay you think oh that didn’t cost me as much as I thought it would and later on while checking your docket you realise that you hadn’t been charged for the large item you had mentioned to the checkout operator so unless you go back to the store to pay for said item and let’s be honest most of us will not bother doing that you have shoplifted again be it unintentionally but it you did it anyway.

Now you may think that you can’t unintentionally do some things such as kill someone but hell you can it’s called manslaughter so there are many things that a person can do unintentionally.  See you can easily do something unintentionally so don’t swear black and blue that you would never do such a think…………………………… pisses me off…………………………lol

So what does the rest of you think  am I right or am I wrong……………………………..


  1. thats true for most things i suppose, i would never murder someone, but i'd kill em in a heartbeat if they were threatening me or my family. i'd also throw the switch for an execution which isnt murder it's exterminating an abomination to humanity. as for the stealing i cant say i havent technically.........i ate a grape to see if they were sweet in the store, they werent and i did not buy em it's not a sample folks it's stealing.lolol

  2. I never thought of it like that so I'm glad you pointed out.

  3. I think your right. I'm not a very black and white person. I hate when people use absolutes. Like never. I just say I haven't done -(blank yet) Who knows what situtation or what life will bring. I try not to do things that are agaisnt the rules but I have done them.

  4. You are so right. Sometimes things just happen you don't plan at all. (Especially the speeding part.)

  5. I'm guilty of both examples - I admit it!

    I also seem to be good at pissing people off without intending to. Does that count? If there was an award for that, I'd win it - hands down! ;D

  6. Changing the speed we drive at can be a problem if we are not looking at the signs.
    So many people I see eating grapes that they didn't pay for. I haven't done that, yet!
    Sometimes things happen.

  7. Remember that old saying...
    "Never say never and never say always".

    Life will usually happen somewhere along the line to change those absolutes you believe about yourself. And I agree with you--even if it is unintentionally. ;)

  8. I liked the picture you put up there - people don't realize what you do for them until you stop doing it! So true.

    I, believe that I was always a black and white thinker and am now learning to think more in grays....

  9. I agree I think you can do this intentionally what gets me is that I've notice sometime when a cashier hasn't rung up something and I bring attention to it and they argue they did. then they refuse to scan it because they think they haven't made the mistake so I leave isn't it still shoplifting because I've left without paying.

  10. Tim......Ok trying one grape maybe sampling but eating half a dozen or more is stealing......and yes I have seen people doing that standing there just eating grape after grape..
    I agree execution isn't murder I know many people think it is but I do not agree

    Bubbles.....This post came about because I over heard someone saying they would never ever do something and I thought how can you be so sure you would never ever do something sometimes these things just happen

    Kristy......Yes I agree I think all good people try to live by lifes rules but sometimes things happen

    Shelly......I think anyone who has ever driven has speed at some point whether they intended to or not

    Jenn.....Well so am I along with a large part of the
    I am also great at pissing people off without even relising I have done

    Whiteangel.....I do try a grape before buying some but I have seen people eating grape after grape which is just stealing not

    Rita...I like that saying "Never say never and never say always" it is so true and something many people should remember.....

    Elsie......Yes life is full of shades of gray......and I think if I stoped doing stuff for my family then they would get a rude shock

    Becca.....Good point I have had that happen I was sure an item wasn't scanned but the check operator would get annoyed with me saying they had scanned it and when I have checked my docket it wasn't scanned some do not like to admit they made a mistake.......

  11. in our church, the act has to be done with full knowledge to be considered a sin..


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