Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I just reached beside me to get a tissue to blow my nose and there was none, so quickly jump up and go to the cupboard and get a new box, pretty pink tissues............

Now why is it that it is hard to get get coloured tissues now days I can remember when you could get tissues in a number of colours. I do not like white tissues but of course that is what you can get most of the time.

So when I saw pink ones in the store at the start of the year I bought a dozen boxes of them along with half a dozen blue ones and now I am on my last box............bugga

I will have to try and get some more pink ones although I do often see blue tissues in the supermarket but rarely pink ones and I prefer pink over blue.

That said when I have a cold I do like the really soft ones with Aloe Vera or Eucalyptus.


  1. Im a fan of the Aloe vera ones myself.

    Thanks for coming to my Blog Party :)

  2. the aloe vera ones are the only way to go when your nose is sore from blowing it constantly. that said, i hadn't noticed that coloured ones are hard to find.

  3. i can only find white tissues at my store i would prefer blue

  4. i think the dyes harm septic systems so most tissue is white..........i actually have to use paper towles or a rag i have a deviated septum and the sheer force needed to blow shreds them to bits and leaves a nasty mess all in your hand, TMI? lolol

  5. I remember colored toilet tissue too - yellow, green, pink and blue. My Mom always bought it to match our decor.

    I love the Aloe Vera tissues but they are so expensive. Wish we could get pretty pink tho'.

  6. I like the Aloe vera ones. I really do not mind white but I prefer blue when I can find them.

  7. Hi Mynx

    A blog party is always a great party.
    Aloe Vera tissues are nice and soft.

    Hi Yevisha

    Yeah Aloe Vera are the best when you have a sore nose. It may only be when you want something like colour tissues that you realise they are hard to get.

    Hi Becca

    I think white is a boring colour.

    Hi Tim

    That maybe so about the septic systems but I still would prefer colour tissues over white.

    Hi Skippy

    Yeah I can also remember coloured toilet paper I do not know why we have to be stuck with boring white.

    Hi Garnetrose

    Now if we could get Aloe Vera tissues in pink or blue I would be happy.



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