Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers who read this blog, I hope you all have had a great day.

My day has been so so it started when I got up early and had to go with Tim over to Kathy's place so I could watch Sydney while they went and moved the last of her stuff. Now I had to take Leo with me as there was no way his mother was going to get out of bed, she went out last night to a party and I have no idea what time she got home.

Around 11.30am we arrived at my mothers place for lunch which was just KFC, now Kathy doesn't eat KFC because someone once told her that Col Sanders was part of the KKK. As far as I know that is just a rumour and I have never found anything that sayshe really was, now if she said she didn't like the taste of the food that would be one thing but I know she does love the taste and up till a few years ago when someone told her that rumour she did eat it. So she didn't bother staying for lunch and left in a mood even though her nan oftered to do something else for her.

On Friday I did my Mother's Day shopping now for some people that would involve just buying a nice present for their mum.

Not for me I bought presents for my mum from me and from two of my sisters as if it is left up till them they will end up getting her nothing and I was right this morning they both said they didn't have anything for I told them that I had bought something for them to give mum. I do this not so much for them but for mum as it upsets and hurts her when they don't give her anything. Please note the sisters in question are aged 42 and 32 and are both mothers themselves.

I also bought presents for each of my daughters from their children and have to say that two out of three where very happy that I did that for them. Ok I know that Natasha also liked that I got something for her son to give her but she is not good at showing it at times. Kathy's friend Mel also went and bought something for Kathy from Sydney and not just any old thing she got her a $150 gift certificate to a day spa.

Ok I guess you all are wondering what I got well so far the only one to give me anything is Jessica she is going to take me to see David Strassman for those who doesn't know who he is........a ventriloquist and I love him he is so funny.

Tim told me last night that he has something planned but I will have to wait a week or two before I get it, I have no idea what.

Neither Kathy or Natasha have given me anything which is upsetting as I know both of them have something for me......why is this you ask beause with Natasha I bought her gift for me and I was with Kathy when she got me something. Now I can forgive Kathy as she has been pretty busy but Natasha has no excuse.


Mynx said...

hope your day finished nicely.
Happy Mothers day

Anonymous said...

You are the famil enabler.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
Sounds like you had a really full on week. I hope you had time to relax a bit today.
Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there.

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Hi Mynx

Yes my day ended well I was in a happy place by the end of the day.

Hi Mags

Yeah it was a busy week but the day as turned out ok and I was in a happy plae at the end of the day.


Maybe so but I do like who I am even if like most I have my faults.

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