Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Paying to see a grandparent

As anyone who reads my blogs on any type of regular basis will have heard of my nephew Dawson well today I am going to write a little more about Dawson.

His mother and grandfather have been complainint to my mum that Dawson doesn't like to stay at their house overnight, he will often go over during the day but will want to go back to his nanna's house(my mum). Is it any wonder the way they treat him yelling and swearing at him all the time and hocking his stuff and generally making him feel unwelcome in his own home.

The other day Dawson asked his grandfather if he would take him to see his grandmother now it is only a 10-15 minute drive from his mothers house to his grandmothers house and what did his grandfather do..........tell Dawson he had to give him $20 for petrol so Dawson did he gave his grandfather his pocket money so he would drive him to see his grandmother.............WTF

What type of person does that...........drop kicks that what type.......I was so angry when my mum told me about that I wanted to go and tell him off. However when Dawson's mum found out that her dad took Dawson's pocket money she went off at him and made him give it back to Dawson.

Sometimes she is there for her son and we know she loves him but she often has a bad way of showing it. Although I have always felt that one way we learn to be a mother is through our mother we either want to be like our mum and do as good as job as she did or we want to be better then her and try not to make the same mistakes she did with us...............I was lucky I have a fantastic mother who has always been there for her children and still is......

Michelle (Dawson's mum) had a waste of space as a mother she was never there for her daughter and still isn't so she had no one to teach her the way a mother should be. I think in her own way she trys to do better but most of the time she falls short...........................


timothy said...

so sad my mama was the best she would've done and did do anything for me. some people just have no maternal instinct and they seem to breed alot. thank goodness he has y'all in his life, that will make all the difference!

Thisisme. said...

Jo-Anne - I am SO sorry, but your blog seems to have dropped off my blog roll AGAIN, even though I put it in manually a little while ago. Gosh, poor Dawson. It's such a shame, isn't it, to be treated like that. Like you, I had a wonderful mum, so that was passed down to me, and I see my daughters with their children, and they are wonderful mums. But I guess that if you don't have that role model, it must be very difficult.

Bouncin' Barb said...

The world is so full of people who don't deserve to be parents/grandparents. It is very sad that someone would take advantage of a relative like that.

Bubbles said...

I haven't read any posts about Dawson so will have to see if I can find some as he seems like a sweet child, its just he's ended up in the wrong place :(... I can't believe his grandad asked for $20...its really quite something

id said...

too bad for dawson, i hate when kids aren't treated nicely. :(

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Hi Tim

Yes he is very lucky that he has my mother (his nan) there for him she is more like a mother then a grandmother.

Hi Thisisme

With all the problems we have had with blogger recently it doesn't surprise me.....Even Dawson's mum has said that my mum is what a mother should be and that her mother is a waste of space.

Hi Barb

That is so true and his mothers family is full of mentally disabled people so it is lucky that Dawson has turned out as well as he has.

Hi Bubbles

I got so mad when I head he did that.


Dawson often seems to get the raw end of the stick.

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