Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hurry Up Woman

This morning while getting petrol I had this other woman tell me to hurry up as I was holding everyone up, she said this a few times and the old man next to me told me to sit in my car and make her wait and another woman said "how rude".....

Was I bothered no not in the lease, why because it was my sister Sandra and we like to do things like that just to see how other people will react and this morning she managed to get some people to react. I wonder if other siblings do things like this.....or are we just


  1. haha, i like that, that's pretty funny!

  2. you're braver than me! i've worked in c-stores for 25 years and people have been attacked for less, ya never know where the next nut job is gonna come from! lolol

  3. OMG, my oldest brother who has now passed away, used to do this when I went out west to see him back in 1978. We would go grocery shopping and start a "fight" in the store. Name calling like you're so stupid, or you're such an ass. Funny? Hell yes. Immature? Hell yes. Fun? Hell yes.

  4. That IS pretty funny. My sisters and I generally acted like asses in public, when we are together. Fake fighting, does sound interesting. :)

  5. Hi Tim

    If it wasn't my sister I would have felt more nervous.

    Hi Barb

    When he was youger Tim and my sister would carry on like chidren when we all went out together.......

    Hi Harmony

    It is good when you can muck around and play fight with your family and it is so good watching how people react.



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