Monday, 2 May 2011

Feeling Full

For a while I have said to Tim when I have seen on TV the adds for "fullness shakes" that I would like to give it a go.

Many years ago like around 21yrs ago I lost a lot of weight and that time I did it by haveing something similar, I had this powder that I would mix with water and drink half and hour before meals.

So when I saw these shakes in the shops I told hubby I was going to get some and give it a go and he was ok with that until he found out the price. I still got it though, the first one I tried was Super Slim and it was awful, the taste made me want to throw up. I stuck with it though the directions said to mix it with water or Soy but I switched to skim milk which made it more tolerable but not I still hated the taste, so I then took to adding some yogurt to it and that made it a lot better.

I then found Rapid Loss in at the chemist and got that one to try and it is so much nicer, I still like to add a bit of yogurt to it but I do not have to add it.

I have it half an hour before meals and when I do have my meal I don't have as much but the big difference is that after I eat a meal .........................I do not go looking for other stuff to nibble on.


Bouncin' Barb said...

I had success with Weight Watchers. If we weren't in such a financial bind right now I'd sign right back up again. You have to find your niche and stick with it. If this works for you, more power to you! Let me know how you're doing.

timothy said...

i say anything that works for you is worth doin! good luck hon!

diane b said...

I hope it works. Good luck. Stick with it.

Bubbles said...

Good Luck with this and I hope the outcome is what you want :). I've never had to diet before and I hope I never have to.

Please can you e-mail me your address as your going to receive my make my day postcard :)

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Hi Barb

I have never been to Weight Watchers although when Jessica was a little girl me and my sister Jeannie use to go to Simple Slimmers and had a lot of success there.

Hi Tim & Diane

Yeah it is working and I will keep it up as I can really notice the difference.

Hi Bubbles

Lucky you not having to diet I hope you never have the problem of being bigger then you would like.

whiteangel said...

Good luck with your diet.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Good Luck with your diet, although i dislike that word, healthy eating is a way of life not a diet.
Calling by to welcome you as the latest follower to News From Italy. It is much appreciated and I hope you enjoy sharing our little piece of Italy. Please note I do not subscribe to comments as my inbox would never cope! I look forward to getting to know you.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

that sounds good. i'm trying to lose weight. it's not happening for me right now though.

(i tried to find the "follow" on your blog but couldn't figure out how to follow you.)

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Hi Whiteagel

So far so good I have lost 1.5 kilos since starting this....

Hi LindyLouMac

I do not like the word diet either since the first part of it is die
I try to just eat healthy although I often fail..........but such is life.

Hi Teresa

The follow icon is on the top left hand side of my page. If only we could lose weight as easy as we gain it...........

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