Saturday, 7 May 2011

Moving for the last time

Well today is moving day for my precious first born daughter........Kathy-Lee, she is moving into a Dept of Housing place and is so excited about the move. She has been on the waiting list for a place for 8 years.

The new place is 7 houses down from her sister Natasha and is a 3 bedroom townhouse, the back yard looks like forest there are so many trees. Tim is going to go over and cut them back with my dad's chainsaw...........

The only downside is that she had to give 3 weeks notice at the place she is in and that means she has to pay two lots of rent.

Ok it is not in the best area in fact the area is called "the zoo" but she said she will keep to herself and hopefully will not have any problems she is just so happy to have a Dept of Housing place as the rent is $100 cheaper the where she was.....................


  1. She probably feels really good about getting her own place regardless of the area. We certainly had a hard time finding something cheap and not in a real bad area. We got lucky with this one.

  2. i am sure she will make it a lovely home in no time

  3. She must be very happy after waiting 8 years.

  4. Hi Jo-Anne,
    It is ridiculous the amount of time people have to wait for housing, it just doesn't seem right to me, unfortunately there isn't a lot we can do about it.

    I sure she is very excited about the move, and I hope she settles in without too many hassles.

  5. That is such happy news! :) You can make any house a home is what I think!

    [I have to say 8 years is astounding, but the wait for subsidized housing here in the states is just as long. Sad actually.]

  6. Hi Skippy, Mags,Diane,Mynx & Barb

    This morning her dad and I went over and they moved the rest of her stuff now all she has to do is sort the stuff out and unpack which in itself is a big task as we all know.

    She has already met a neighbour a middle aged man named Terry and he helped her dad get the stuff out of the truck and into the house this morning.

    I know it will take no time before she has it all sorted and it feels like home.



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