Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Other Blog

I have another blog that I don't think my blog pals here know about as it is not with blogger but instead with Bigpond it is for the most part different to this one in that I rarely write about the same stuff on both blogs. If anyone want to go over and check it out then please feel free to do so. This is the link


  1. I tried to leave you a comment but it wouldn't let me. It kept saying I was putting in the wrong cache words. After 6 tries I gave up, sorry.

  2. Hi Skippy

    Yeah that happens sometimes over at bigpond one of the reason I moved over here.

  3. Went over to check out your other blog, and loved the husband bashing, since I've been doing my share. We are compatriots in frustration...that sounds good right. Although I was unable to leave the comment there, so I came back here.

  4. Ok Sandra

    When you try to leave a comment on the Bigpond blog you have to ticket the other box first because you are not a bigblog user. I tried it with you comment you left here and it worked.

  5. Thanks for the link Jo-Anne, I had lost it....are you pleased with your Kindle?
    I thought I might buy one later in the year or early next year with in mind I might have more time to read it then.



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