Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Cars, Money and Tim

Damn it is cold outside I would love to put the heater on but hubby is home still and he will go on and on about how much it costs to have the heater on, so I will sit here and be much as I love Tim he can be a right tight ass at times...........

Last night he was telling me that when his step father dies and he gets some money he will buy me a new car and we will go on another holiday, which is just great but I said what if he lives for another 10 years and what does Tim say well if he does he point is that he has been saying he will get me a car for the last 3 years and it always seems to get but back and back and I have times when I wonder if he will ever get me a car.......

He was also complaining last night about our daughter Natasha always expecting him to lend her money for one thing or another and I told him as far as I am concerned he shouldn't lend her any more money till she starts to pay back what she already owes.................

Now she comes over today and they talk for a while and the next thing I know he has agreed to loan her more money to get a better does he ever listen to me I know she needs a better car but at times she can be so slack when it comes to paying us back, but he said they have worked out a payment plan so I guess we will see how it goes.......................


  1. So now you wait for the father-in-law to die...ok, I'm laughing although I probably shouldn't...but really husband: get your woman a car!
    And by the way, I always always love your visits by my place. Your comments are heartwarming and you make me smile. So know that you are appreciated! I'd say: I really really love you!...but I don't want to frighten you.

  2. Hi there. I'm here! Loved the comment by Sandra by the way. Wonder how father in law would feel if he knew you had to wait for him to pop his clogs before you get a new car! I think I would have been a tad annoyed if, after having this conversation, money was going to your daughter, so that she could update HER car! That's rubbing salt into the wound. LOL!!

  3. We had something similar when we brought our home recently and the mother in law told us that when she dies we could pay off the thanks, good to know but I will be more than happy to wait a looooong time.

  4. I'm on your side about getting a car should be first on the list and daughter needs to pay back before any more money gets in her hand. Your kids have it made. Hope they appreciate you!!!!

  5. Hi Sandra

    So pleased to hear you like my comments on your blog thank you for that. Now for hubby he doesn't get why I was not excited about his news that he will buy me a car when his step father dies he though it was great news...........

    Also I don't frighten easy unless you're a snake or I am up high......I am do not like open heights.....

  6. Hi Thisisme

    I do not think my father in law would understand he isn't all with it sad really.

    As far as hubby is concerned Tasha will pay him back the money he loans her for a car and I will not.......

  7. Hi Mynx

    Yeah I think it is wrong to talk about what you will do with money you get from someone dieing...........
    it's like you want them to die so you can get money and that is just wrong.

  8. Hi Barb

    Our kids for the most part do appreciate us but it really hits home how lucky they are when they talk to some of their friends who are surprised that we do so much for them.

  9. I couldn't agree more with Sandra and Thisisme! In fact, all of the commenters ahead of me have voiced my own feelings on the matter. I think you should let your hubby read this post, too :)

    Start leaving pictures of cars you'd like all over the his sock draw, next to his toothbrush, served with his breakfast etc. Maybe he'll get the message.

  10. Hi Desiree

    Yesterday hubby went out with Tasha looking at cars for her and as far as I know they found a car for her......
    and still I think what about me. I know hubby thinks that as Jes is living here I can use her car when I want to go out but that isn't the point as she has friends and often goes out to see them it isn't like I can just jump in her car and go out I have to ask her permission to borrow her car and ok most of the time she will say yeah that's fine mum but there are times when she has to say no because she wants the car.


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