Saturday, 21 May 2011

Look What I Got

Look what I got lucky me thank you Bubbles I love them they are wonderful thank you thank you.

It has been a week of nice surprises my hubby gave me this and I am so happy with it he got it for me for Mother's Day so it was worth the wait.

Now if you do not know what it is it's an E Book Reader and it is something I mentioned to him a few weeks ago that I would like and he remembered and went and got it for me.

This morning Jessica downloaded some Dannielle Steel books for me and has uploaded one of them onto the E Book Reader for me.

Now I just have to find the time to do some reading but at least I will be able carry the E Book Reader with me a lot easier then I can a book.


  1. surprise pressies are always fun. Lucky you

  2. Nice gifts! :D I really want a Kindle too. I have two chances left this year. heehee

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  4. Lovely surprises all round - wonderful!! My hubby had a Kindle for Christmas and he loves it. I love it how whole books can be downloaded in just a couple of minutes! Enjoy!

  5. I'm so happy that you liked your postcards and that they got to you in one piece.

    That e-reader sounds fantastic and you can have it on whilst you write

  6. There's something about you on my blog!!! Check it out.

  7. Hi Mynx

    They sure are and hubby has a habit of surprising me every few years.

    Hi Skippy

    I really didn't think I would get one so it was a great surprise. Fingers cross you get one by the end of the year.

    Hi Thisisme

    Yep I was surpris how fast it was to download the books 53 books in less then 10 minutes.

    Hi Bubbles

    Yep I love them and the E Book Reader will be a lot easier to carry around then some of the books that I read.

    Hi Barb

    I will go check out you page as soon as I can.

  8. nice surprises! I got a wonderful postcard from Bubbles, too. she does great work!

    my kids got me a Nook for Christmas in 2009. I haven't used it too much but I do love the ability to use it when I want and where I want.

  9. jo-anne i just busted out laughing at your comment here about your hubby surprising you 'every few years.'

  10. Hi Teresa

    Yeah I don't know how often I will use the E Book Reader but I am very please to have it anyway.

    Hi ID

    Glad to hear I made you laugh......



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