Thursday, 25 July 2013

What the hell number 1

Welcome to my first ever "what the hell" post, I am thinking I might make this a weekly Thursday thing.

First up.......The long wait was over on Tuesday for Washington visitors yearning for a whiff of a giant flower that smells like rotting flesh....................the giant rain-forest plant known as a "corpse flower" for its terrible smell began blooming last Sunday afternoon at the US Botanic Garden.

Next we have......Did you know that Scorpion venom sells for $160,605,743 per litre 

Or that...........The King cobra venom only goes for $629,731 per litre, although who would want to buy these things by the litre.......really case you are wondering a litre is 0.264172052 of a gallon.............just saying.

Now did you know that here down under it is often cheaper to replace one's printer then it is to buy replacement ink, this we have done a few times, so you have to be careful what brand of printer you buy and know if you can get cheap ink for it before buying it.

Lastly..........A man found dead in his apartment by police in Estonia may have been lying there for nine year, investigators are still attempting to clarify the cause of death because he was soup. Police spotted a calendar and newspaper from 2004 in the apartment..............How does one lay dead for so long unnoticed............what the hell.............


  1. Indeed its a case of what the hell!

  2. I agree about the printers and ink. I did exactly that now we have too many printers...What the hell!

  3. The cost of printer ink is so crazy.....but not as bad as the venom! Strange facts indeed!

  4. Those are all worthy of "what the hell".

    Printers here in the states now are cheaper than the printer ink in most least for the lower end ink jet printers.

    I have read several accounts of people being dead in homes/apartments for long periods of time before they were discovered. That couldn't happen to either of us...we are moms. Someone would need us to do something fairly soon and hunt us down.

  5. That much for scorpion venom? I've been killing those little boogers right and left here lately. If I could find out how to milk the venom from them...

  6. Printer ink for the average printer is ridiculous, to print your own photos it's more expensive than getting them done in a shop.

  7. Yeah. What the hell to all of it.


  8. All I can say is WTH???? Why would someone by venom and what would it be used for? :-)

  9. This is a really intriguing post, that's for sure!
    Yuck about the plant that smells like corpses, I live in Washington and haven't heard about it.. But I am kind of curious of what it looks like but NOT what is smells like.
    Snake venom is expensive! Wow!
    Yuck about the man who decomposed into soup.. Eek.

  10. Crazy stories. I can understand why the venom would be so expensive. You would have to milk an awful lot of snakes and scorpions to get a litre of venom

  11. HAhaha! LOVE your 'what the hell'!!! Look forward to seeing it regularly!!

  12. We do live in a strange world. And we humans are the strangest creatures of all.

    I love this new topic!

  13. Sorry I got here late to the show- I don't remember this post coming up in my blogroll. WTH?

  14. I love the idea of a What the Hell post! Great idea! :)



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