Saturday, 16 April 2011

WTF it's Water

This morning I woke at 6am to go to the toilet and when I came out of the bathroom I thought what is that on the floor? So I turn the light on and wtf there is water all over the kitchen floor and into the hallway and lounge room and it is ankle high. I could hear the water under the sink so I have a look and yep water is shooting out from the dishwasher connetion, I get Tim up and get himt to turn off the tape to the dishwasher.

Now Tim says some silly things at times.............he says to me lets go back to bed and worry about it later.........................NO

I am more alseep then awake but I get some towels out and start to soak up the water then my brain turned on and I said to Tim how about we hire a carpet cleaner so I go get dressed and go to the local supermarket and they don't have one so home again and I ring another supermarket and yes they have one so I am the one who has to go and get it............hubby says as I am leaving I might go back to bed...........................grrrrrr

When I get home he hasn't gone back to bed he soaked up more water and had but the towels into wash.

Now if it wasn't pissing down outside we could open up the doors and the carpet might dry out faster..........................the carpet is still very very wet but we are making some headway.

What a great start to the day..............................


  1. omg that's terrible. i hope you get it dry soon. i bet it left an awful mess and your water bill will be high. or weren't you thinking about that just yet?

  2. Hi Yevisha

    Thankfully we are in Dept of Housing and in a unit/townhouse so only pay $7 a week for water.

    We have sucked up most of the water but the carpet is still very wet but thankfully we can walk on it without the squeshing water sound. I think it will just have to finish drying naturally but since it is still raining that may take some time.......

  3. UGH what a mess. I really feel for you. That is awful and especially that it's damp and wet outside isn't helping. Good luck!

  4. Hi Barb

    Still not wet carpet smell which is a plus had the doors and window open all night and the carpet doesn't feel as wet this afternoo.


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