Thursday, 28 April 2011

I'm Fat

Why am I fat?????????

Is it because I am lazy, maybe it is or is it because I overeat, yes and no..........................

I do not eat large meals never have I am just not that type of person, I do however have a tendency to graze through the day. This is something I would try not to do but I would eat a meal then around half an hour or so later I would find myself in the kitchen looking for more food and I would say to myself what the hell are you doing Jo-Anne you're not hungry. Then 5 or 10 minutes later I am doing the same thing and this will continue till I end up eating something.

Ok there is also the fact that I do not get off my fat ass and do much in the way of exercise and I know I have to change that........I just have no motavation to exercise.......

I use to walk every day and eat right but it didn't stop me getting fat, which I think is part of the problem as I feel that in the back of my head I am thinking why bother it doesn't work............Common sense tells me different but those thoughts are still there.

I know what to do and what type of food I should be eating but at times I just don't......................I am off to see a dietitian on Wednesday but what can she tell me that I do not already know.............................


  1. I did weightwatchers for a while. Lost a lot of weight but it was hard work. Unfortunately I have let some of it creep back on.
    Hope you get some new ideas from the Dietician

  2. I'm the same as you with the grazing throughout the day and wandering in and out of the kitchen out of boredom. I used to walk regularly and still do some hiking and stuff like that but it's not consistent enough for me to lose the weight I need to. I'd like to lose about 15 lbs and tone up so I can feel healthy again. I get winded easier than I used to and that's what I don't like about it - not feeling healthy and feeling the drain on my energy.

    Good luck with the dietitian. You never know - maybe she will be able to give you some new tips. Fingers crossed for ya :)

  3. you know how i've been on a 'diet' for several months now? well, all i do is cut out pasta, bread and potatoes. no fried food. slow but i've lost about 7 kilos. unfortunately i should have started earlier but can't go back. also, i had one chocolate a day after dinner. just a bite size one. drink lots of water and i know i would have lost heaps more if i'd kept up with walking. you must have some exercise. don't give up. hopefully the dietitian will help

  4. it's a constant battle to stop mindlessly shoveling stuff down my gullet. i know how difficult it is, but just try and stay focused and you'll do well! oh and thanks for the comments, an fyi the reflections blog is some poetry i wrote almost 10 years ago , a volume called a journey through sorrow. i'm not that negative nor crazy these days! lol

  5. I'm fat too Jo-Anne. And exercise isn't an option right now until I get my disability so I can begin physical therapy to get muscle tone again. I eat. I love to eat. I love good food. I did Weight Watchers and I have to say that it definitely works but you can't stop it. If you think you can do it on your own after awhile it just doesn't work. Why I liked it was that you could eat whatever you felt like as long as you issued it a point value and didn't exceed your points for the day. It's about accountability which is key. Good luck!

  6. Losing weight is the hardest thing to do. Ever. I feel for ya. I was just telling Boyfriend last night that I wanted to lose some weight and just thinking about it makes me stressed. I work out every single day and I want results right now. But sadly, it doesn't work that way.

  7. Damn 6 comments what a shock well:


    It is really hard not to let the weight creep back on all we can do is our best.


    Yeah it is the feeling like I have ran a mile when all I have done is walked up a tiny slop........

    Hi Yevisha

    I don't eat fried food very often and haven't done for a long time but I love rice and spuds and bread although I prefer multi grain bread but no one else in the house does....

    Hi Timothy

    Yeah I could tell it was poety but didn't know how long ago it was written.....during the last month I have managed to lose around 4 kilos. I just have a bloody lot more to lose.

    Hi Barb

    I know it all takes work and it is often the way when you go to meetings and and record what you eat....I just hate writing everything I eat down.

    What I need to do is exercis more.

    Hi Jumble Mash

    If only we could get instant results more of us would stick it out longer but since we don't get instant results we often give up before we see the results.

    I would like to say to everyone thanks for the positive comments they have mad me feel much better.


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