Thursday, 21 April 2011


Well Easter is upon as once again and for some that means a time to reflect about what Easter is Jesus for others it is just about getting chocolate.

For me it is both as a Christian I do think about what Easter is really aboutbut I also love chocalte not that I get much or even buy much.

When my girls where little I would always buy them a toy or book as well as some chocolate and now they are mothers themselves they understand why I did that.I do like to get something for each of my grandkids and my parents and of course Tim, my girls may get something I haven't decided yet guess it will do with how much money I have. It would be nice if Tim thought to get me something but I know him and will not be surprised if he doesn't.


  1. hope you enjoy your break Jo-Anne. kids make it all worthwhile don't they?

  2. Hi Yevisha

    Yep kids make everything worthwhile tomorrow night the Easter Bunny will be hiding Easter Eggs for Little Leo to find on Sunday morning.

  3. I love Easter and will have my grand with me this year for Easter. It is the most important Holiday for Christians, I feel. I hope you enjoy your day.

  4. Oh, our girls are adults but I try to get them some small thing. *s*

  5. Hi Garnetrose

    My girls are adults too but I still try and get them something. Tonight I will help Jess hide Leo's eggs ready for him to find in the morning.



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