Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Old Fashioned or What

Last night my daughter rang and asked if her dad could go with her to show her how to get to someplace it was dark and she had no idea where the address was, she said she had to go and see about a job.......I was thinking where would that be at this time not that it was late it was 6pm, anyway her dad went with her and she found the place.

She said it was a waitressing job...............................well it turns out the place was a strip club and the job was as a topless waitress................now this is not a job I want my daughter doing as I feel this type of work is demeaning to women. However she is 24 and we can not tell her what she can and can not do.

As it turned out she couldn't do the job anyway as she doesn't have a certificate to allow her to sell grog and couldn't do the job without it............

Am I just being old fashioned?


  1. most mums wouldn't like their daughters to work in a place like that. yes, you are old fashioned. thank goodness. someone has to be. don't change.

  2. Hi Yevisha

    Thanks for that I need to be told that it is ok to be old fashioned.

  3. I'm 29 but even at 24 I'd never consider doing something like that... no matter what age they are you can still at least mention how you feel about a situation.

    Its like my mum doesn't like the idea of my sister and I working in a shop due to the type of people that come in to shop (men mostly)... so its something I've never done even though sometimes I think life would be so much easir just stacking shelves.

  4. Hi Bubbles

    Yeah he father told her how he feels about it and she didn't get upset with him and I have also told her it is not what I want for her........

    We also have to respect that fact that she is an adult and we can not live her life for her.

  5. Not at all, I think. We have three daughters and two are old enough to make this decision themselves but and I would support them, buuuut [big but!] I would not like it.

    They're in our hearts. And if that is being old fashioned, then I take it. :)

    [You have a lovely family!]

  6. Nah, you aren't old fashioned.

    I wouldn't like it if my kids worked in a strip bar. I'd have to accept it if they were of age, but I wouldn't LIKE it.

  7. Hi SkippyMom &

    Thanks for the support it is good knowing that I am not alone with my feelings about this, my girls know I will always be there for them and support them even if I do not agree with what they are doing..



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