Friday, 29 April 2011

Big and Beautiful

Ok I am a big woman does that make it hareder for people to like me or love me...............................I think not

That said it is something I worry about from time to time mostly when I have people commenting on how big I am and that I should lose tell me something I don't know.

My husband has a habit of telling me that I have a fat ass and when I said to him and Kathy do either of you think I need a make over...........his answer was well you could lose weight that would make you look better..............

I have never thought of myself as beautful or pretty I think I am just an average looking woman, however Tim thinks I'm beautiful well he use to and I think he still does. I just wish he would tell me occasionaly along with when I ask how I look I would like him to say something other then ok or fine.............................


  1. I hope you know when I commented that you have a lovely family [the other day] that you knew that I meant you too. Your smile is the one I noticed first.

    I don't know if your hubs reads your blog, but if he doesn't perhaps you could say this to him irl. I am sure he is thinking that you look lovely, but assumes you already know that.

    Sometimes husbands don't realize what they say has quite an effect on their wives.

    Hugs - times two hearts!

  2. My late husband loved me to pieces but he hated that I gained so much weight. He made me very self conscious of it but he was concerned about my health. However, he used the word obese once and I never forgot it. After he died, I had such a complex about weight and dating. I was so embarrased of myself and then I discovered on the dating sights just how many men love a plus sized gal. Let's just say I had plenty of action and dated a boatload of guys until I met my Bruce. Hubby probably doesn't realize how hurtful silence or negative remarks can be.

  3. i'm sure he doesn't mean to be insensitive but y'all (women) need to understand men are wired differently than women, for most talking about feelings or anything sensitive is highly uncomfortable. it's not that they don't care they just can't understand WHY women need to constantly rehash things. i probably have a better understanding of both sexes being a man that has tons of female friends and especially being gay so women know i don't want anything but friends. you're a beautiful woman and YOU need to believe that yourself. no one else can do that for you. try looking in the mirror everyday and saying "I'M A BEAUTIFUL SPECIAL PERSON AND I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND WHOLE" do that every single day! (harder than it sounds)

  4. Hi SkippyMom

    Thanks for that no hubby has never read my blog he rarely comes near the computer. I know he loves me and thinks I'm beautiful he is just not good at saying it........

    Hi Barb

    Yep they only have to say the negative comment once and it will stick in our head for gord knows how you said a lot of men like us bigger women and we have to remember that we are are big and beautiful......

    Hi Tim

    I should know by now what he is like he has never been a romantic man not one for giving flowers and compliments but for some reason I still seem to live in hope.......that said he can also be very loving and caring when the mood takes him........I am still in love with him and he has told me he is still in love with me and that counts for a lot.............


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