Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bloody Mice

Today we had the dishwasher repair man come and have a look at the hose that failed and coursed water to end up all over the place on the Saturday morning, well it turned out that a bloody mouse had chewed through the damn hose. So repair NOT covered by the warranty cost to use $125 so hubby said he would see if we can make an insurance claim so he gave them a ring and yeah you guressed it they will NOT cover the costs well they don't know yet basically they want to think it over as the damage was done by the water and not the hose they may allow the claim. We just have to wait and see.

Now since last night we have had a problem with our house phone last night when Kathy rang me there was a lot of static in the line and today we have no dial tone so unable to ring out, people could ring in but there was so much static that we couldn't hear anyone. I got my sister to ring Telstra for me and they will send someone out tomorrow to look at it but somehow I got the feeling that water may have been gotten into the plug and that means we will have to pay for it to be repaired as well.........

I will let everyone know what happens with the phone and insurance claim when I know more.


  1. Jo-Anne,
    Oh goodness me, if it doesn't rain it pours.
    Hate the thought of wet carpet.
    Mice, time of year they come inside to keep warm as well would know, but they did you damage this time.

    Hope you get the phone fixed soon, and does sound like a water problem.

  2. my sister lives in the country and they are having a mouse plague atm. the have a security firm and one of their jobs is to attend broken down teller machines. turns out most problems caused by mice. yuk

  3. Hi Whiteangle

    Yeah it seems like nothing has been going right the last few days, last night I went to get the mouse traps to set and couldn't find them so will have to get more when I go shopping today.........

    Hi Yevisha

    That doesn't surprise me mice seem to be able to get into anywhere and chew through anything. They are a bloody nusience.

  4. Oh ugh! Good luck with all of that!


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