Monday, 25 April 2011


My husband is watching a show about Pompeii and it is one of the better shows he has chosen to watch and is quite even if I didn't think it was interesting I wouldn't say much unlike him if I am watching something he isn't interested in he will sit there and go on and on about how I watch "shit" or "stupid" shows........this is very annoying.

I like to watch British shows and find most of them to be far more intersting then a lot of Americian shows, yes I like to watch locally made shows as well and think there is a lot of good Australian shows around and always have been.

I also like watching stuff about the Royal family and I know he is not interested in that type of stuff but there is no reason for him to sit there and make stupid smart ass comments all through the show. Ever time there is a mention of the upcoming Royal Wedding he has to say something and it is really pissing me off.

He alsop has a terrible habit of never remembering what he has watched and will watch the same movie or tv show over and over again and if I say anything he will get really angry with me.

I also hate it when will insist on watching something then go to sleep 10 minutes after it has started, this is only really annoying when I want to watch something else and decide to let him have his own way and then I miss the start of my show. I often record my shows and watch them after he has gone to sleep.


Bouncin' Barb said...

Sounds like he needs his own TV!

Mountain Mama said...

That is annoying! My husband will put in a dvd for the sole purpose of falling asleep to it, but then when I try to turn it off he wakes up right away and asks why I turned it off! Because you were just SNORING, you moron!!!!!!! Ugh...being married is ridiculously hard sometimes. LOL

Bubbles said...

Oh how irritating, its a good job I don't watch much tv and the shows I like are on record.

Pompeii is such an interesting topic as the children at work have been learning about it.

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Hi Barb

When we had a second tv he refused to go and watch it, it ended up being me going in and watching it even though I would say to him how about you watch it and when you fall asleep you will already be in bed.....but more times then not he would prefer the big tv......I felt just to piss me off.

Hi Mountain Mama

Isn't it the most annoying when they wake up as soon as you turn off what they are not watching.....then complain and want you to put it back on for him...........

Hi Bubbles

Yeah how did we get by in the days before we could record our shows not that I can remember that far

Yes Pompeii is very interesting and he even stayed awake long enough to see it

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