Friday, 10 May 2013

Dreaming about Dreaming

Good morning everyone, have to say I am up early again 6am I got out of bed and went and had a hot bath.........why you wonder........well I had yet another horriable nights sleep.

Now get this last night I had one of those nights that I had a dream in a dream in a dream, now you maybe wondering what the hell I am on about so I will tell's when you are dreaming about dreaming.

Ok let me describe better I was asleep and I was dreaming and I dreamt that I was asleep dreaming but here is where the really weird bit comes one point I dreamt that I woke from a dream I thought wow just a dream then I actually woke up and thought I just dreamt I was dreaming and in that dream I was dreaming that meants it was a dream about dreaming in which I was having a dream..........see weird................

Now most of the night I dreamt that I was dreaming about the room are staying in......things like people knocking at the door or trying to open the door and I know this was a dream because in my dream I would wake up look at the clock look around the room and thing just a dream but the clock was different and the room looked a little different and then I would wake up for real and realise I was dreaming about dreaming..................

This went on all night add to that I woke up every hour or so and of course there is the fact that on the second night of our holiday I stood on the mask to my Cpap machine breaking the clip at the side so the mask isn't doing up and I have to hold it together often during the all in all I have not been sleeping well..................then we have the whole waking up drenched in sweat and NO I am not suffing from night sweats it is just that the doona on the beds are really warm and Tim has been leaving the heater on in the room and I just over heat and that makes me sweat.

After my hot bath I decided to put on some long light weight pants and one of Tim's singlets, because I left mine at home.................silly me...............


  1. I've had dreams that I'm dreaming, but none as complicated as yours. I hope you get some restful sleep soon.


  2. That would be so exhausting and disturbing at the same time.

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  4. I don't think that would wake me up, I'd just be entertained... as long as there are no hippos in the dream.

  5. That does sound extremely complicated. I have had dreams like this. I also understand how hard it is to have a bad nights sleep. I too have been trouble sleeping lately.

  6. That's very strange about your fre in a dream in a dream!! I've never experienced anything like that! You must be feeling exhausted, which is not good when you're on holiday!

  7. I actually could follow your dream within a dream....but it does sound complicated, and to keep waking up must be a pain.

  8. I hate when I get crazy nights sleep like that. I hope that you have recovered and are back to your best.


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