Sunday, 2 December 2007

Dinner and Elton John

Last night Tim took me to work with him and he was driving a bus to and from the Elton John concent. A few weeks ago he asked me if I would like to go out for dinner and to the Elton John concent and I said yes then he said ok come to work with me when I do the concent......

Anyway I went with him last night and I had a great time dinner was at the rugby club in Cessnock and then we went back to the concent I didn't get to see the concent as the bus was way done the end of the driveway but I did get to hear some of it and there was also fireworks near by and they where great.

Tim told me tonight that I should have gone with him tonight as he managed to get into the concent and was sorry I wasn't there with him.

I told Tim I would like to go with him next time he does a concent as I had such a good time and I enjoyed spending time with Tim.


  1. Hello Jo-Anne,

    Oh that was lovely. Nice to hear the singing anyway and beaut that you had dinner with your husband.

    Elton John comes to Tassie as you probably know but I am not going.

    Take care,

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  3. Hello Jo-Anne, What a lovely evening, especially that you spent time with hubby!

    Elton John's concerts are brilliant sad that you didn't see, but at least you heard it.

    Take care

  4. sounds should try and go more often ..even if just to have some totally not at home alone time ..having dinner or whatever..
    glad you got to hear Elton..still good..

  5. How cool! That would have been fun. You got to hear Elton sing without paying the ridiculous ticket price! haha.

  6. Yes I really did have a good time and I hope to go with Tim again.



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