Sunday, 23 December 2007

Going to see Tims mum

Only 2 days to go and then we all can breath a sigh of relief for another year.......I am so excited!!!!!

Had a phone call this morning from my sister Sue she didn't have anything to give dad for Christmas so of cause I said leave it to me and went and bought her something to give him.

Went to Sydney yesterday to see Tim's mum she is in a nursing home, anyway his sister Jennifer was there also with her husband and kids would like to say it was great to see all of them but that would be a lie. Tim can't stand his sister or any of his brothers but the visit did go alright his mum looked good and his step father who is also in the nursing home although Tim has never really liked him much either. In fact there is only one member of his family that Tim does like and that is his sister Jenny also know as little Jenny and yes this is a different sister his father gave 2 daughters the same name.

We took Blain and Tasha with us yesterday and once Blain got use to his cousins he had a great time running around playing with them. Although on the trip home he started to get cranky and Tasha then started yelling at him and it was giving me a headache, so I told time to pull over and I swapped seats with Tasha anything to shut her up. We did take Tim's portable dvd player with us so Blain could watch movies on the way.

Also on the way home Blain decided he didn't want to wear his seat belt any more, he is now is a boaster seat and I wanted to get him a harness to wear with his seat belt but Tim didn't think it was important enough, however, he changed his mind on the way home.


lil harry said...

I remember when my 13 yr old was in the booster car seat. he would undo his seat everytime we traffic was a yes we got the harness too..

Driving with young kids can be were good to swap..I hope the rest of the trip home was more pleasant.

Its difficult at Xmas time..visiting family..especially if you are not fond of them but it was good of Tim to still make the effort to go..

Hope your Christmas day with your family was good.

mandy said...

Yes that brings back memories of Daniel when it came to seatbelts...He was a little bugga always undoing them and the amount of times I had to stop the car,,,OMG it was a nightmare....

Thank goodness he out grew
Hope you had a good Xmas!!!!

Update on mum

After getting up this morning and throwing a load of washing on to wash I get a phone call from Sandra just as I was thinking of ringing...