Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Blains sleeping habits

A few minutes ago wogboy went into wake Blain up he does not want to wake up and at the moment is winging behind me and of cause he didn't want to go to sleep when we put him down for a nap. I have told Tasha it is time she started making him have an afternoon nap every day it is something she wouldn't be bothered to do but it is something she needs to do as he gets very cranky of an afternoon and some days it is like he is over tired.

I do have to say wogboy is a good influence on her when it come to Blain, he has a 3 year old son himself and she takes more notice of what he tells her when it comes to Blain then she does me. last night he told her it is time she started putting Blain to bed without laying down with him or she will be laying down with him to get him off to sleep when he is 10 years After him coming out a few times he did go to sleep on his own and he only cried for a little while.

This morning she let me sleep in when I woke up it was 11.30am and I got a shock as it is her pay day and I thought she would be waking me up early to take her shopping. I was glad to get to sleep in.


  1. Totally agree on letting kids learn how to go off to sleep without company. People often get a shock when I say I can't stand my kids sleeping in my bed and have never let them stay in our bed. Some may think that's a bit heartless but because of this I have two young children who are very independant when it comes to sleeping in their own bed and I have never had any troubles with them sleeping through the night. It also means they can go off to sleep anywhere if we are on holidays. I think thats much better than having a child who gets really tired because they cant sleep by themselves.

  2. ditto..

    my kids only hop into my bed if they have a nightmare or really sick..thats only since it s been only me here..

    its so much better for them and you if they know how do sleep bythemselves..

  3. They need their afternoon naps that`s for sure...I used to look forward to them when mine were little...It gave me a chance to recharge myself....



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