Thursday, 20 December 2007

Santa is coming and so is Leo soon

My baby girl has only 3 weeks and 4 days time although I wouldn't be surprised if she has bub in the first part of the new year as she has already dropped a bit a little more then a bit in fact.

I just hope she doesn't have him on Christmas Day as I will be drinking on Christmas Day as my mum often makes her own Irish Cream Whisky aka Baileys and it is so yummy.....

There won't be a lot of us on Christmas Day only around 15 people which will make mum happy....We don't have a hot meal although we do have baked potatoes and potato bake the rest of the food is cold. Chicken, Turkey, Ham, Prawns, and salad stuff.

Of cause there will be desert not sure what we will be having for desert yet me and mum will have to figure that out tomorrow at breakie.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. wow ..;hope that wans't a nasty comment..

    sounds like a great Christmas day coming up for you Joanne..hope you all have an enjoyable day.

  3. No not a bad comment just had Mrs Hugs email addy in it and I deleted it so her address wasn't here for everyone to see.

    Dam it is hot here to day.

  4. Hi Gorgeous!!
    Have a great Christmas!!
    SOOO excited about the Baby!! will you be posting pictures???

  5. Hello Jo-Anne...
    My hasn`t that time gone quickly with the pregnancy not that your daughter will think

    My son was actually due xmas day and i wasn`t having any of that so "C" section it

    Xmas day sounds lovely...Not many people huh....15 is certainly alot...

    Hope it all goes well for you...Have a wonderful Xmas Jo-Anne and enjoy that home made Bailey`s...

  6. your christmas sounds good. hope the new grandchild waits until the new year to make an appearance. you must be very excited. 15 for lunch on christmas day. that's a lot, we are having 2. cold lunch is very sensible too. enjoy it and have a safe and happy one. :) is it you leaving me the emails? if so keep it up i love them. :) bfn


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