Monday, 10 December 2007

Knowing my Place

I have been having some problems with over stepping my bounds with Blain sometimes I am trying to help Natasha but then I realise I have done the wrong thing and should be minding my own business as she is his mother not me.

Like tonight I was in my bedroom putting clothes away and I could hear her getting mad with Blain as he was crying for nanna and she wanted him to settle down ready for bed. So what did I do I came out and took him off her and nursed him and gave him his bottle and he stopped crying and she got mad and went to her room. I realised as soon as I did it that I should have let her deal with him and felt bad, so I took him into her and told her I knew I did the wrong thing.

Tasha was crying saying she feels like Blain never wants her he only wants nanna and that made me feel rotten, I told her I don't mean to interfere and I have been trying not to but sometimes I do it without realising as I just want to help. I know she is the mum and not me and I am really trying to let her be mum. She said it is one reason she didn't want to move home, although she does like it when I help just not all the time.

I will have to keep reminding myself that it is not my place to over rule his mum or to but in when she is dealing with him unless she has asked me to.


  1. hi jo-anne, you have a very nice blog. it's so hard not to interfere isn't it? at least you are aware of it. thanks for believing my story about the celebrity blog. :0 it's true really. bfn

  2. Oh it must be so difficult for you...I would probably be the same...It`s the maternal in least you were able to talk to Natasha and be open and honest with each other...That`s always a bonus....

  3. I love you Mum but yes you do need to listen to me more when it comes to Blain .... I dont care what anyone says when it comes to Blain i was the one who pushed him out of me so i'm the one that says what goes... I love you and i always will.... KISSES AND HUGS

  4. hi Jo-anne..hard thing not to take over especially when Blain is kids were like that with my mum..
    it is good that you can see where you are overstepping and can talk about it..
    communication is good for everyone.its hard when sharing a house though.

  5. Hello Jo-Anne,

    Good that you realised that you had made a mistake and apologised straight away.

    It must be hard when you are around them all the time not to interfere.

    Take care

  6. Thats the exact reason why I could never live with my Mother or Mother-In-Law!!

  7. Hi Jo-Anne,

    Yes those maternal instincts will always overpower us o matter what. And children always want someone else when they want comfort ie when dad goes mad they want their mum and visa versa. I am glad to see that you can see what is happening. It isn't an easy situation, you love Blain and you love Natasha. At least you can talk to each other about it. I think it is wonderful how well you get along with each other! Family togetheress is rare these days.
    Hugs and rainbows


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