Friday, 14 December 2007

Up Early

Well an early morning for me Blain stirred and started to cry at 3.30am when Tim was coming to bed and it was 4.30am before he settled down again by then Tim was hogging the covers and I was cold so at 5am I got up and had a hot bath and haven't been back to bed since. I will be having a nanna nap this afternoon I reckon.

Blain slept with me last night as Tasha is very sick with tonsillist and has a fever so I thought I would make sure she got a plenty of rest. I am going to take Blain with me when I go shopping in half an hour. Looks like I may have to go and wake Blain up to get him ready but I will leave it as long as possible before I do that.

Blain turned 2 on Wednesday no party for him although we will have a cake for him on Sunday at lunch , he didn't get a lot of presents but he likes the ones he did get and at 2 it means nothing to him yet.

Blain's dad has gone away on a holiday with his brother and his brothers family and yes Tasha is ok with him going and so am I but he did have to go the weekend Tasha is sick........bugga. I will help he as much as I can while she is sick.


  1. Tonsillitis, oh dear well I hope Tasha soon is better.
    The birthday boy I expect he had a good day.

    Take care,

  2. Hope Tasha is feeling better now....
    Oh not the terrible 2` down the hatches...hahaha.....


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