Saturday, 8 December 2007

A night with just me and Blain

Well looks like tonight is going to be just me and Blain and yes he is suppose to be at his fathers but he has plans and can't have him, slack I reckon but not my place to say anything. Last weekend he went to his girlfriends on the Saturday night and stayed out all night leaving Blain with his house mates and boy was Tasha pissed off when she found out and she wasn't the only one........

Anyway back to me and Blain tonight his mum is over at Wogboys for the night and I said I am willing to have a night just me and Blain. Yes I am to soft I know it but I just don't know how to say no.

At the moment he is running around the house after the dogs and I know I will be wanting an early night so it's ok. He goes back to his fathers tomorrow night well he is suppose to lets just wait and see.

I think it is slack that his other grandmother is always to busy to have him or she is to tired to have him there is always some reason why she can't look after him for a night and in fact both Tasha and Jono have stopped asking her as she has said yes on a number of occasions only to cancel at the last minute.


lil harry said...

hi Jo-anne.

It is a shame that Jonos mum is too busy or whatever to mind Blain you said they will and have stop asking..

Its hard to say NO...but I think you and Blain by yourself are ok together..he sounds like a good boy for Nanna..

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Yes he is a good boy for me and went to bed without any problems.

whiteangel said...

Hello Jo-Anne,

Called in to say hello....hope all is going ok, and yes I am off to bed now.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Blain's daddy is still a little boy himself? It's so good that you are there to look after Blain. It must be really good for Tasha to be able to have a break.
Hope you enjoyed your "Blain and Nanna" night and had a great weekend!

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