Friday, 30 November 2007

Bump and Flowers

Well it's Friday again the week seems to have gone so fast, yesterday when Blain was running down the hallway he run into the corner of the wall and hit his head. He cried a far bit and has a bump on his forward the size of a goose egg.......

Tonight he is at his dads again well he is there until Monday afternoon and I both miss him and feel relived to have a quite couple of days.

Today Natasha bought me some flowers for no reason and it was a nice surprise.


  1. Hello Jo-Anne,

    Poor little fellow, I hope the bump goes soon as I am sure it will.

    That was nice to receive flowers for no reason, what a lovely person Natasha is to do that. I love flowers.

    Take care,

  2. HI JO!! am finally catching up with everyone and have come over here too..
    what a nice surprise to receive some flowers..I love flowers but won't pay for was a really nice gesture..
    do you know how to add a fvourite list on here??

  3. Oh the joys of all those bumps and bruises....Hope he isn`t like my son Joshua was....Always falling and ending up at the hospital for

    What a lovely gesture...I haven`t had flowers bought for me in a long long time....
    Enjoy the rest while you can...


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