Saturday, 24 November 2007


The weekend is finely here which means Blain is at his dads and Tasha has gone over to her new man's place for the weekend. He man is called "wogboy" she doesn't want me to put his real name on a blog so I won't do that.

Anyway he has been here every day during the week except for Friday when she went over there. He comes here after he has finished work and he seems like a nice guy and he really seems to like Tasha. She feels he is a lot like her father in some ways and she has said that is one of the reasons she likes him. He has 2 children and his son is with him this weekend at it is the first time Tasha has met his son.

It is good to see Tasha moving on with her life and being happy with someone other then Jono. She doesn't look at Jono through rose coloured classes any more.


Elle said...

Hello Jo-Anne,

It sounds like Tasha's life is getting into order, good that you like the new fellow.

I suppose we will be all waiting for your good news about the baby after Christmas, lots to look forward to in your family in 2008.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Seems I've missed heaps in my hiatus from blogging! Didnt even know that Tasha wasnt with Jono anymore! (I'm a bit slow on the uptake aren't I?!)

Good to hear that she is happy though. The new bloke sounds nice so hope it all works out for her!!

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