Monday, 5 November 2007

Jessica and Photos

Today I slept in till 10.20am when I got up I went in to get Jessica up so we could go and hand in her Centrelink book/form but her feet where very swollen again and I wouldn't let her go I had her write a note so I could do it for her.

When I got home I swept out the house and cleaned up the spare room so now we can walk into it without running into things. After that I hung a few of the photos, Tim told me he didn't want me to put them all up again as he thought there was to many I don't agree. I intend to put more up tomorrow whether he likes it or not.

Yesterday we picked up a cot and change table wit a bath for Jessica from Leigh, Jessica loves it so Leigh if you read this thank you heaps.


  1. Hello Jo-Anne, What a lovely thing you did for Jessica, but oh! grand mothers they will do anything....

    I dream that maybe one day for me...

    Tim is not in the house much, you do what you want, which is exactly what you are going to do.

    Take care

  2. Hello Jo-Anne,

    Hope Jessica's feet go down.
    Seems you have been a bit busy.
    Yes, put your pictures back up on the wall if you want them there, no point of putting them in a cupboard somewhere where they won't be seen by anyone.

    Take care,

  3. Hello Jo-Anne...
    I was lucky with my first two pregnancies as I breezed through them...A different story with Daniel
    Hope she get`s through the rest of the pregnancy without too many ailments especially with the warm weather coming up....
    I loved going baby shopping and buying all the things I needed...Trouble is I went over board like any new mum
    I love my pictures and I agree , bugga Tim...Put them up girl...

  4. Hi there Jo-anne. Can't say I like the colour of your text on this post. I found it too difficult to read - not enough contrast - my poor ol' eyes just can't distiguish between the text and the background.

    Have a good Cup day



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