Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Birthday Gift List

Well my birthday is now only 9 days away and counting so I thought I would repost my gift list.

What type of presents would I like.

Clothes (shock horror), summer sleepwear, tops with collars or tops with v necks, dresses size 18

A selection of drinks like me and Jessica gave Tim for Father’s Day.

Books by Sylvia Browne.

Anything hand made by Jessica,

A gourmet wizard.

A birthday Cake, which most years I don’t get.

A gift Voucher from Big W or Target.

This was also posted on Bigblog and Myspace just so everyone gets to read it.


  1. Hello Jo-Anne,

    I do hope that you get your wish for your birthday in 9 days time. So many people in my family that have their birthdays in September.

    Take care,

  2. Hello Jo-Anne, Good for you puttin up your wish list I hope someone reads it and you get what you want.

    Take care

  3. Hi Jo-Anne
    Hope the family reads
    So are you going to do anything special for the day????



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