Sunday, 29 November 2020

A November Week

 A new day a day when I could sleep in but no I woke at 6.30am again. I managed to dress myself and have a wash before I needed to send Tasha message asking for help getting my breakfast.

When Kelli dropped Blain off she came inside and helped me do the medications for the week.

I have sweated so much you would think I had wet myself.

Mum was sounding better today.

Realised yesterday afternoon when I went to take my medications last night that I have no Sifrol which I take for restlessness so took a full Phenergan and half a sleeping tablet, so I could sleep and sleep I did.

I woke to the roaster crowing and Tim telling me to shut it off. On a plus side I was able to get out of bed on my own.

This afternoon I thought Leo would be here at 2pm I was wrong he arrived at 3.30pm.

Strong winds this afternoon, but no rain.

Tasha in pain this afternoon with her legs, I hope she feels better tomorrow.

I received 16 letters today when Tasha checked the P O Box and 2 packages.

Slept well again more or less, woke when the alarm went off. I was in the bathroom when Tasha arrived, because I hadn't dressed yet she decided to give me a shower as I stunk.

Been a somewhat busy day with housework and ironing Tim's work clothes and such.

Mum sounded good when I spoke to her, she sounds more like herself

I woke at 5.40 and got up 10 mins later, I opened the house and managed to get my hearing aids in without help.

Tash arrived at 6.30 and dressed me, then got my breakfast.

Another warm day and for me a lazy day doing bugga all.

Feeling restless and unsettled this afternoon

Woke to the alarm, going to be another dripping in sweat day for me.

I am shaking a lot today and feel like shit because of it.

Mum was ok repeated herself a few times but sounded happier.

Leo here tonight, Tim was telling me how happy he is that Leo treats this house like his own home. Coming in and getting whatever he wants even if we are in bed.

I woke at 5.40 and got up straight away, gathered up my stuff and headed to the bathroom. My phone, however, was in the loungeroom so it was good I woke when I did.

After opening the house I sat and started my computer and waited for Tasha to arrive.

At 6.30 I was dripping in sweat.

Another day shaking so very much.

Leo going to Kelli's for the weekend, so Tash will settle me down.

Mum told me all about the letter from Kathy, she was so excited about it. She ended up reading the whole letter to me.

Had a sleep in, waking at 7am I managed to get up and get my own breakfast.

Kathy came over but it was obvious that she was too sick to give me a shower. So I rang Tash and she came and showered me.

Going to be a stinking hot day air con on from 7.30 this morning.

The heat is giving me a headache


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,
So sorry to read about you shaking so much and that dreadful sweat almost ongoing.
If we look back and think about how easy we could sleep in when we were young, it puzzles one, why not now anymore?!
Often I wake up around 3:30 or 4:00 and lie in bed rather restless but why get up in the dark?
Glad you got your daughters nearby and indeed, as Tim remarked, it feels good that the grands feel right at home with ya'll.

Katie Isabella said...

I imagine the shaking and sweating are really very difficult to deal with. I wonder if it is caused by medication you are taking? You not having to go through that would be like a new day every day. I wish and hope that happens.

I bread Mariette's comment and if I wake in the dark even if it seems my mind gets busy, I lay there rather than get up in the dark and turn on lights...if I can stand lying there. Usually I will doze.

Rita said...

Have the doctors said what the shaking and sweating is from? Has to be so frustrating. :(

CWMartin said...

Seems a week without disasters so a good one

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Mariette......The shaking sucks as does sweating, yeah the older some get the harder it is to sleep. Leo considers this home

Katie.....They ssay my meds do not contribute to my problems.

Rita.....They (dr's) have no idea of course


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...


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