Monday, 11 November 2013

Some Excitement was had yesterday

Well we had a little excitement the motor home stopped on the motorway on our way to the Gold Coast it looked like we would have to call road side assistance and be towed but after Tim spent about half an hour trying to find out who to ring he finally told me to turn the motor home right off as in shut down the GPS but instead I tried it and it kicked over.

So we are now at a caravan park in Southport it is the dearest place and it is more like a dump, well it has a rundown feel to the place but the amenities are clean and close by but I just don’t think it is worth the money $42 it cost to stay here. On a plus side KFC was right across the road so that is what we had for tea last night.
You know last night I was that tired I just couldn't be bothered having a shower, oh well one night without one doesn't hurt.

I hope the motor home kicks over no problem today, fingers crossed.
Why do we say fingers crossed, I wonder, where did the saying fingers crossed come from does anyone know?

Tim has said that he will contribute to any cost there is to repair the motor home or to have it serviced, so I sent mum a text last night about that so she can let dad know, no wait a minute I think I sent the text to dad bugga, dad has a bad habit of not checking his phone I might have to text mum to tell dad to check his phone. This is why we usually just text mum…………………


  1. I hope your motor home is up and running today!! Stay safe!

  2. Hopefully Monday will be a great day with no motor problems. Sounds like fun!

  3. Fingers crossed traces its origin to invoking Christ's assistance.
    Which may include starting motor homes, I suppose.

  4. Fingers and toes crossed for your sake. Hope all goes smoothly.

  5. I hate that when it happens. I hope you get it fixed pronto. ☺️

  6. Good luck! Crossing my fingers, for some reason. ;-)

  7. I must say you were lucky to turn the key and off it turned over. Good luck and safe journey.

  8. Welcome to Qld, although I'm not there. Hope you don't have any more problems.

  9. I hope the gremlins will leave y'all alone the rest of your trip! You shouldn't have any worries on holiday!


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