Saturday, 16 November 2013

I am now 51 years cool is that..............

Well today I turn 51, yeah can you believe that I am just over half a century old how cool is that. Yesterday I wore this new dress which was given to by my niece Kelli for my birthday along with the brownie pan which I really wanted.

Last night Tim gave me this card and a $100 gift card for Big W, he wanted to make sure I know he loves me no matter how big I am or how much I eat and that he can't imagine his life without me in it. 

Today I am going over to my parents place for lunch, mum will pick me and Blain up around 10ish as Tim took the car to work and Jessica will bring me back again along with Leo as we will have Leo for the night. I told Jessica that he will have to be quiet as Tim will be in bed not long after he gets home from work as he has to get up at midnight  to go back to work. 

This is what Jessica got me for my birthday and have to say I love it, the hand matches hers but is a bit bigger she said it is the mumma hand and I added Leo because well he is her son. 


  1. Wow! We're the same age for 6 months!

  2. Happy birthday! You look great- love the dress and the sweet presents~

  3. happy birthday. enjoy your special day

  4. Happy Birthday Jo-Anne.
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Happy Birthday! So many gifts, and you look beautiful in the dress.


  6. Happy Birthday!
    I remember when I turned 55 this summer and I remarked to my brother that I was middle-aged.
    He said, "Planning on livin' to 110, are ya?"
    What a butt munch. :-)

  7. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. You deserve all the best. :-)

  8. Happy Birthday! I'm ten years older than you so you are quite young!!!

  9. Have a WONDERFUL birthday - congratulations on getting past the half-century, and looking forward to the next half!!!

  10. I'm late I'm afraid, but happy birthday anyway, and I hope that the year ahead will be full of blessings for you. I'm so glad that you were spoilt for your birthday. You certainly deserve it! I love that photo of you with that lovely smile. The dress is lovely too! What a super card Tim gave you, and so sweet, the things that he wrote in it. Happy for you!

  11. Happy belated birthday! I'll be 63 in March, so you are just a young whippersnapper--LOL! ;)

  12. Happy Birthday to you, Cha cha cha!
    Happy Birthday to you, Cha cha cha!
    Happy Birthday, Dear Jo-Anne….
    Happy Birthday to you, Scooby-Doo!

    (That's how we sing Happy Birthday in Alabama!)


    I hope you had a great day and are continuing to celebrate all weekend long!


  13. What fun things to have to post about! Just getting around to reading some blogs so Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday! Glad you were celebrated well by your loved ones!


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