Sunday, 14 April 2013

Traveling in the Motorhome

For the first time I am traveling in my parents motorhome, yes we left this morning and are on our way to Dubbo although Tim said our first stop will be Wellington we have been on the road for a couple of hours and we have just left Maitland and Maitland is only around 40ks from home so as I write this we still have around 320ks to go……….lol

We stopped at Maitland for lunch, we went to Woolworths and bought some bread rolls and cold meat and other salad type stuff and made sandwiches for lunch after stopping near a park. I swapped seats with Jessica and let her sit in the front while I sit in the back with Leo, so while I am sitting here at the table I decided to write this post ready for when we stop somewhere that may have Wi Fi and then I will post it.
Leo just asked me to move as he is very tired and wants to try and sleep well as well as he will be able to sleep sitting up at the table, I would love to be able to just tell him to lay down on the bed and have a sleep but that is illegal as it’s not considered safe which I know it just would be easier for him if he was laying down on the bed. 

Oh well at least we have a bit more room than we would in the car, I did go and get him a pillow for his head and he is kind of dozing off.  Oh yeah Leo had to use the toilet in the motorhome 10 minutes after we left home, only because of the novelty of it and I had to tell him he couldn’t use it while the motorhome is moving. 

Our first night was spent at Wellington Caves Caravan Park so we which right at the caves which we will be going to tomorrow.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is fun we have had a great time so far

  2. That sounds like wonderful fun- enjoy!

  3. Why is it illegal to be on the bed?


    1. I have no idea it is a stupid law...........

  4. What fun to travel and tour around in an RV!

  5. It really sounds like you'll have an amazing time. I had to laugh about Leo and wanting to go because it was a new thing. That is always the way of it. :-)

  6. I've always wanted to travel around in an RV as a kid. It looked like a lot of fun.

  7. I have you have a great trip! I've never traveled in a motor home before. Sounds fun. Some of those can be really fancy and nice.

  8. It sounds like youre having fun with it all..


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