Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Worn Out and Frustrated

I am so worn out with looking after Leo who is sick and putting up with Tim who drives the patience of a saint between him and Jessica it is a wonder I haven't gone insane yet.

Dad is still waiting to have his pet scan went over to have it done only to be told the machine was broken so now it will be Friday before it is done.

Tim has been spending every day looking for work well the days he isn't working which is both good and annoying I have asked him to do a few things around the house as well as mow the lawn and clean up the back the yard.


  1. Jo-anne I feel your frustration girl....You really need to start making Jessica do all the hard work when it comes to Leo, you just be there for the nana things like cuddles and play....
    Good luck with Tim and mowing the

  2. Well Tim has started the lawn but I know him sometimes he will only half do it.

    I am having trouble getting Jessica to do anything around here.

  3. Must be awful looking for a job. I wish him luck. You work too hard looking after everyone, you take time to smell the Roses, Jo-Anne.

  4. Jo-Anmne I do feel concerned for your wellbeing.
    Maybe you can find just a little time for some peace and quiet and the opportunity to take your mind away from the ordinary, mundane things...
    May your heart be filled with peace and love

  5. good luck with it all jo-anne, it seems to be just getting harder and harder for you....if its any help, my week wasnt much better, one problem after the other - you know the drill....AND I was on holidays from my night job!@

  6. Hi all

    Well would like to say as I write this I am no longer feeling worn out or frustrated but that would be a lie.

    Thanks for all the kind words they do help.



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