Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Update on my dad

Just an update about my dad he had an operation today to remove some of the lump glands in his stomach area as the doctor thought they looked suss on the scan he had done.

If the cancer has spread to there then they will not be able to remove his lung and he will just have to have chemotherapy and radio therapy.

Hope it is not long before he gets the results from this opp back as he feels like it is all drawing out so long, and he doesn't want his kids to know how worried he is yeah like we can't tell and we aren't worried ourself.


  1. I hope your dad will be ok. It's a worrying time for everyone.

  2. Yes it is a worrying time but he seems ok.

  3. It did look like I just went to the zoo to take photos, little one struggled with all the walking and just wanted to shop, shop, shop in the gift shop!

    Wishing your family all the best....

  4. Sick parents are so worrying, hope his results are good and things progress well.

  5. I know it`s hard Jo-anne but try and stay positive...You`ll be amazed what they can do these days....

  6. Thinking of you Jo-Anne and sending healing thoughts to your dad. Pray he has a positive outcome...

  7. Diane,Mandy & Chez

    Thanks we are all hoping dad will be fine. Thanks for the kind words and support it's good just knowing you all are out there supporting us.


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