Sunday, 22 March 2009

Boys Bedroom

After nagging my hubby for over a week he has finally set up the bed in the boys bedroom, my brother was giving away an old bed he had at his house and I thought it would be good to have for the boys to sleep in.

So last night Rhyder got so see in a bed instead of on the floor or in with Tasha & Lucas. Now to see how Blain goes sleeping in it as he prefers to sleep with his nanny and papa. I am hoping he will like having his own bed; it is a double bed so I hope he will be happy having a double bed.

Speaking of Rhyder his mother told Lucas this morning she is thinking about moving to the Gold Coast this of course has upset Lucas at the thought of not being able to see his son as often as he does.


  1. hi Jo-anne.hopefully Blain will want to be a big boy too and sleep in his own bed.

  2. If there is a custody order for Rhyder I would get Lucas to have a look at it as some do state about not having the child moving interstate...

  3. Hi lil harry and Mandy

    Blain likes sleeping in his own bed and Rhyder also liked having a bed to sleep in for a change instead of sleeping on the floor.

    No there is no custody order where Rhyder is concerned I have told Lucas he should get himself to the family court and make something legal as it isn't working the way it is now. I would like him to also sort something out with his daughter as he rarely gets to see her.



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